Drew Groner as senior VP, head of agency and client partnerships at DIRECTV sees it again and again.

Whenever the company analyzes a linear TV campaign, roughly a third of households end up seeing the majority of ads. It’s not just you – frequency is a big problem.

From DIRECTV’s end, the company is trying to take an active role in attacking the problem. The company has been testing suppressing certain ads in heavy TV viewing homes. so that delivery gets more evened out.

He sees great promise in this sort of approach -as long as the industry is willing to become more proactive.

“It’s a deficiency in the tech problem,” he said. “Addressable solves for fragmentation…instead of hoping that the creative is seen, we can control for frequency and incremental reach.”

As long as that addressable targeting also protects consumer privacy. Groner said that it is crucial for media companies and brand to vet clean rooms and other ad tech partners to ensure that people’s data is kept sacred. “Protecting the anonymity of our consumers [is vital],” he said.

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