LAS VEGAS — The much anticipated release of Adobe's CS5, the suite of creative tools for graphics, web design, and video editing, includes some significant improvements in Premiere, the widely used video editing program. 

The new version was released yesterday.

It is extremely fast at processing of big, HD files like the ones coming from the Red camera.   One Industry reviewer call the process speed of the new version "blistering…CS5 cuts through 4K files like pixelated butter."  Here's an overview on

Another big development is the ability of Premiere to ingest and edit files in their native camera format, without needing to first convert formats and potentially lose quality.  

At NAB on Tuesday, Daisy caught up with Adobe's Mark Randall for a discussion of Premiere and its new features.

Here's an overview on CS5 in USA Today by Jefferson Graham, who happens to be an accomplished videographer/editor.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer