PlayLater, a “DVR” for Premium, Online Video Launches

PlayLater, a program which allows consumers to save most premium online video programming to their PC, has launched today from PlayOn.


Click-Through Rates, Impressions Rise on Connected TVs, Rovi Says

Click-through rates for ads on connected TVs are in the 10 to 17% range to date, a healthy number, according to new data shared by entertainment discovery service and technology provider Rovi.


Newsgathering App “Meporter” Launches for Android

Meporter, an application for local news gathering, which is being used by Forbes and other news organizations, just launched an Android App. 


Roku Raises $8 Million in Funding

Roku, the Saratoga, California-based manufacturer of the popular Roku box which enables consumers to connect televisions to the Internet, has raised $8 million in funding, according a financial filing reported by Venture Beat.


The Wall Street Journal has 200K Subscribers to Mobile Apps, Tablets and eReaders

Digital consumption is growing at the Wall Street Journal Network, where some 200,000 subscriptions to mobile Apps, tablets and eReaders have been sold, according the General Manager Alisa Bowen.


Apps and the Simplicity of Smart TVs, LG’s Sam Chang Explains

BOSTON — The television doesn't need additional fragmentation, but a simple platform to deliver IPTV via Apps, says Sam Chang, GM of Innovation and Development for LG.


Le Scoop du Jour: “French Maid TV” Coming to YouTube This Summer

French Maid TV, one of the Web's first and most successful entertainment series, is coming back after a two-year haitus and will be featured on YouTube, part of the YouTube partnership program. 


Wall Street Journal Deploying iPhone 4 Globally for News Gathering and Live Streaming

The Wall Street Journal is training its print reporters to use the iPhone 4 for video news gathering and live streaming via Skype Video, says Kevin Delaney, Managing Editor of the


Mobile Advertising Drives Sales, Google Study Finds

About 71 percent of Smartphone users search for related content on their Smartphones after being exposed to ads online and offline.


Skype + Qik: The Emerging Ecosystem of Asynchronous and Synchronous Video Communications

Following Skype's purchase earlier this year of Redwood City-based mobile video chat platform Qik, the combined company aims to deliver both live video calling and delivered video messages, covering both asynchronous and synchronous communications on a global basis, says Qik co-founder Bhaskar Roy in this interview with Beet.TV


Avner Ronen: Live Network Programming on Boxee is a “Couple Years” Away

LAS VEGAS — While consumption of video-on-demand on Boxee is growing with premium services including Vudu, the HD movie service, and the, the integration of live network programming is a “couple years” off says Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV 


Mobile Phones are Supersized as Video Drives Form Factor, NPD’s Ross Rubin

Consumers are willing to give up “pocket real estate” as they carry increasinly large mobile devices, says Ross Rubin, lead technology analyst at the NPD Group. 


Ditch the Satellite Truck: Livestream Introduces “Smart” Verizon 4G and WiFi Connection Device

For broadcasters seeking to provide a high quality live stream, untethered to an Internet connection and a PC, Livestream has just introduced a device from Teradek called the Cube.


Digital Media Milestone: News Consumption via Mobile Reaches Nearly Half for Financial Times

The introduction of tablets and smart phones has driven extraordinary growth in digital news consumption.  According to Robert Grimshaw, Managing Director of the the, approximately forty-five percent of digital news is now consumed via mobile devices.


The “Wow Effect” of Apps for Video News Producers: They Can “Reinterpret and Reinvigorate Brands,” CNN’s Mike Toppo

The power of Apps for video news producers is profound, allowing them to “reinvent” themselves to consumers says’s Mike Toppo, Senior Director for News Operations in this segment from the Beet.TV Video Journalism Summit at The Washington Post earlier this month.


A Canon Still Camera is a “Game Changer” for Video Journalism, the AP’s Kevin Roach

WASHINGTON — Increasing numbers of film makers and videographers are using a "still" camera to create video images of extraordinary quality. 


New Apps to Upload Videos to Your TV

With the rapid rise in tablet and smartphone adoption, a number of apps and tech tools have emerged that allow users to stream videos from their mobile devices back to the TV.


With U.S. State Department and Army as Customers, Brightcove Plans Expanded Government Video Work

WASHINGTON, DC — Seeing an opportunity with government agencies for the distribution of Web video, Boston-based Brightcove has launched a "federal government initiative" with Carahsoft, a big government IT consulting firm.


Vook Raises $5.25 Million Venture Round

Vook, the Emeryville-based digital publisher has raised a series A venture round of $5.25 million, the company announced today.


Samsung and IBM Team up to Develop New Chips for Smart Phones

Samsung and IBM have announced plans to jointly developed semiconductors for use in mobile handsets. 

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