Dealing with Racism on YouTube: Don’t Engage, Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows

AUSTIN – Racist comments on YouTube, often penned anonymously, can be ugly an painful, but engaging in a conversation provides the commentator the platform they seek.  It’s best to step back and not respond says Andre Meadows, the Los Angeles-based comedian  and creator of “Black Nerd Comedy” a successful YouTube partner channel. Hate comments on […]


ABC News ‘Social’ Producer: “Social is the First Way We Break News Now”

AUSTIN —  Given the speed of the news cycle and the time needed video news production, social media is “the first way we break news now,” says Andrew Springer, Producer of Social Integration at ABC News, in this interview with Beet.TV at SXSW He explained how ABC News is building a following of several million […]


Shira Lazar: How ‘What’s Trending’ Web Show is Powered by Brand Advertisers

AUSTIN – The volume of tweets about a TV show is often related to the TV show’s ratings, according to a new study released today from Nielsen. Heading into the upfront, this sort of data may help arm media planners  who are looking for more insight into the impact of Twitter chatter on TV show […]


How Comic Andre Meadows Found His Groove with YouTube Assist

AUSTIN – “A lot of people have fun with YouTube,” explains Andre Meadows, creator of ‘Black Nerd Comedy‘, “but there’s also a business side to it.”  In an interview with Beet.TV at SXSW, Meadows explains how his YouTube channel evolved from a hobby into a full time career. Meadows says that he began his YouTube […]


Yahoo! News EIC: We are Focused on Live Video (Post updated)

AUSTIN – Yahoo! News has become increasingly focused on live video, with events and programming, explains Hillary Frey, Editor in Chief of Yahoo! News, in this interview with Beet.TV at SXSW. We spoke with her after she participated in a panel moderated by Anna Robertson, head of Yahoo! Studios. Frey joined Yahoo! in 2011 from […]


Yahoo! Goes Live from Wall Street with its First Daily Live Show

AUSTIN – Late last month, Yahoo launched its first live daily live show, a short, pre-opening bell show about the markets.  Earlier this week at SXSW, we spoke with Anna Robertson, head of the Yahoo Studios, about the new show and the overall the live programming strategy at Yahoo. 


Mobile Audience Targeting to Drive Brand Ad Spend in 2013

AUSTIN — The $4 billion and growing mobile advertising market has been driven by app downloads and performance-based ads, but is likely to expand in 2013 to include more branded ad dollars, says Bryan Jones, CEO and Co-founder of Collider Media, a unit of advertising technology firm Videology, in an expansive discussion of mobile advertising. We […]


NPR’s Andy Carvin: Building a News “Network” via Social Media with “Generosity and Skill”

AUSTIN –  NPR’s social media lead Andy Carvin, who created an influential Twitter following of activists during the Arab Spring, which acted as a sort of alternative news network around the events, says that being “part” of the audience and sharing generosity, knowledge and skill is key, in this interview with Beet.TV


“Now This News” Video Content Start-up Focuses on Mobile and Social Distribution

AUSTIN – "Now This News." a New York-based video news start-up, launched in September with funding from the co-founder of the Huffington Post and the backer of BuzzFeed, plans to follow the success of BuzzFeed, but with video, explains Ed O'Keefe, Editor-in-Chief, in this interview with Beet.TV at SXSW. Expands Curation Player Business with Time Out New York

AUSTIN — has expanded its curated player solution for publishers with an integration with Time Out New York, the company announced today.  


Chief Complaint of “Old School” Newspaper Reporters is Video, Politico’s Dylan Byers

AUSTIN — As video is becoming a central editorial and business focus for news organizations including The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and others, it is not finding favor with "old school" reporters at these organizations who cite it as their chief "complaint,"  says Dylan Byers, media reporter for Politico, […]


SXSW Suffers “App Fatigue” as Space Travel and Cats Loom Large, Digitas Analysis

AUSTIN –  The conversation at SXSW Interactive has not been focused this year on digital innovation as much as physical topics such as space travel, 3-D printers and yes, cats, according to a comprehensive analysis of social media, Foursquare visualization and registrant information from SXSW, by Digitas, the global digital agency unit of Paris-based Publicis […]


YouTube Live Powers Upside for Shira Lazar and “What’s Trending”

AUSTIN  What's Trending is one of very A few producer YouTube partners to have a daily live show, and the move to YT has been extremely valuable in building an online community and franchise, explains EVP and host Shira Lazar in this interview with Beet.TV


“Annoying Orange” Grows Cable Show from Web Hit

AUSTIN — One of the keys to success in migrating a Web show to TV is to stay true to its roots, but also to grow from them, according to the creators of Annoying Orange. Beet.TV caught up with Dane Boedigheimer and Kevin Brueck, the founder and producer, at the recent SXSW show in Austin to discuss the transition […]