Analyst O’Connell: Adobe Could Compete with Google in Video Ad “Stack”

Video is playing catch-up to display in the advertising stakes – so who could be the big fish in a pond that’s about to grow bigger? Speaking at Beet.TV’s programmatic leadership summit, former Forrester principal analyst Joanna O’Connell rated AOL’s acquisition of programmatic video outfit “very cool” and “a big stake in the ground”. […]


Programmatic Video Grows, but Brand Education Still Vital, Omnicom’s Kramer

TV and online video are borrowing from each other’s playbooks, especially as it comes to data, says Matthew Kramer, Director of Television and Video Products at Accuen, the programmatic agency for Omnicom, in this video segment with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell. “You have your TV screen trying to look more like online video with more addressability […]


Turn’s Balabanian: Multi-Platform Addressable Ads Are Here

You could spend s lifetime grumbling about the difficulties targeting users with ads across screens because some screens don’t support cookies – or you could just make the best of what’s available to you. “We’re able to look at some users across devices,” ad-targeting technology group Turn‘s senior business development director Mark Balabanian told Beet.TV’s […]


Video News Syndicator NDN in Pact with Berkshire Hathaway Papers

Newspaper websites in the BH Media Group are taking on the syndicated online video wire from NDN (News Distribution Network) in an effort to gain more viewers and video ad dollars. “We just signed Berkshire Hathaway properties,” NDN COO Eric Orme told Beet.TV’s programmatic leadership summit, presented by SpotXchange and hosted by The Hearst Corporation. […]


TubeMogul in Pact with IPG Mediabrands for Programmatic Effort

Online video ad company TubeMogul and  Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands  media agency are cozying up farther. Or rather, their video data are. The pair announced TubeMogul has been integrated in to IPG’s custom data stack, in what CEO Brett Wilson says adds ” seamless access to private inventory and cross-inventory GRP optimization” … “that enables IPG […]


Dailymotion Won’t Ditch UGC For Premium Content

Skateboarding dogs may not command as many viewers as Breaking Bad – but that doesn’t mean Dailymotion is going to abandon user-generated content to pursue premium content rights. “If you look at the landscape, you have the program sites like the AOLs and Yahoos of the world and you have us and YouTube on the […]


Hearst Sees Merger Of Programmatic And Ad Ops

For many in media, “programmatic” methods of advertising sales are geared to targeting and selling cheap inventory automatically, whilst conventional ad operations retain the task of selling main-line display ads. But there may be a third way. “At Heart, we’ve merged the functions – programmatic, sales and ad ops are now one,” Hearst’s revenue platforms and […]


Ascension of Programmatic Advertising Demands More Industry Understanding, SpotXchange’s Shehan

One of the challenges for premium publishers in programmatic buying is navigating the complexity of the buy side of the ecosystem, says Mike Shehan, CEO and Founder of SpotXchange in this video segment with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell. “There are direct buys and direct sales, and traditional ad servers are excellent for servicing those. Then […]


Magna Global Sees 40% Rise in Programmatic Video

Magna Global is seeing upwards of 40% growth in programmatic video buying year over year, says Neeraj Kochar, Managing Director of Programmatic at Magna Global, during an interview with Forrester analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV. Much of the increase is coming from brand dollars, Kohcar tells Beet.TV. The media agency is betting big on automated […]


NYT’s Prohaska: Programmatic And Conventional Ads Can Co-Exist

The programmatic ad-targeting techniques that are making waves in display advertising are commonly associated with low-value ad inventory. But The New York Times, a top-tier publisher which started selling some of its ads programmatically in May, doesn’t see it that way. “We’re set up a little differently from a lot of other publishers,” the Times’ […]


Nielsen Soon To Add Richer Data To OCR Ad Measurement

Launched two years ago, Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings has become a popular way to measure and price the effectiveness of ad campaigns, even if its reliance on gross rating points makes digital look a little like old TV. The OCR uses Facebook as its main method of tracking ad views. But now it is set […]


Xaxis’ Gleason: TV, Not Digital, Is Key To Programmatic Video

Buying of online display ads through automated, “programmatic” techniques is booming, redefining that segment of the industry. So when will the same happen to video-format ads? “Programmatic video has not grown as quickly as our overall business in north America,” says Brian Gleason, the north America MD of GroupM’s data unit Xaxis admits to Beet.TV […]


WPP’s Programmatic Unit Lauches ‘Xaxis TV’ – Brian Gleason Explains

Xaxis, the fast-growing programmatic media buying unit of WPP’s GroupM media holding company, has launched Xaxis TV, a new product for TV planners  that provides “broadcast like quality” to online planning as Brian Gleason, Managing Director of Xaxis North America, explains in this video interview. We spoke with Gleason last week at the Beet.TV leadership […]


Video News Syndicator NDN is Now Fourth Biggest U.S. Video Site, comsScore – Inks Programmatic Deal with SpotXchange

NDN, the Atlanta-based syndicator of video news clips for both  big news organizations and local broadcasters in the United States, has  been ranked by comScore as the fourth biggest video site in the U.S. behind Facebook, AOL and YouTube. The company, which sells and shares ad revenue with content creators and the sites where the […]


The New York Times Goes All-In With Programmatic

When Matt Prohaska joined The New York Times as programmatic advertising director in May, it was clear The Gray Lady intended to open up her ad inventory to newfangled programmatic ad bidding technology. Now that process has started in earnest. “In the last few months, we’ve directly engaged our sales force and integrated programmatic in to […]


Tech is Leveling the Programmatic Ad Playing Field for Publishers, SpotXchange CEO Mike Shehan

As programmatic advertising has grown in usage in the video ad industry, the natural next step was to add more transparency on the supply side. That’s why video advertising company SpotXchange launched a platform earlier this week that’s designed to provide more insight into online real-time buying for publishers, says Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange in an interview […]


SpotXchange Launches New Ad Platform

Video ad marketplace SpotXchange launched a new platform for programmatic buying, and said that one of its initial customers, NDN, has already seen a boost in revenue yield from using the platform. With the platform, publishers can tap into ad networks, demand side platforms, agency trading desks and even direct sales, says Sean Buckley, VP Platform […]


New SpotXchange Programmatic Platform Geared for Publishers

SpotXchange’s newly launched ad platform is designed to give more control to publishers in the online buying world, says Erik Swain, Senior VP Operations at SpotXchange in an interview with Beet.TV. “It gives them some power. What that does is it equalizes the power behind publishers, sellers and buyers and markets thrive when that balance is equal,” […]