Video ad marketplace SpotXchange launched a new platform for programmatic buying, and said that one of its initial customers, NDN, has already seen a boost in revenue yield from using the platform. With the platform, publishers can tap into ad networks, demand side platforms, agency trading desks and even direct sales, says Sean Buckley, VP Platform at SpotXchange in an interview with Beet.TV. The platform lets publishers traffic inventory, use programmatic tools, and manage direct sales to maximize the value of each impression.

The system is also designed to incorporate both buyer and seller transparency. “A  publisher can log in and not only see how much TubeMogul is purchasing and at what price, but also the see the wide array of advertisers buying through TubeMogul,” he says as an example.

Publishers can opt for buying on the open market or conducting direct deals via the platform. SpotXchange said NDN saw the revenue yield boost because of the greater efficiencies that came through programmatic buying. NDN is a digital media exchange that syndicates and monetizes content.

For more insight into the shift to programmatic buying, check out this video interview.