SpotXchange’s newly launched ad platform is designed to give more control to publishers in the online buying world, says Erik Swain, Senior VP Operations at SpotXchange in an interview with Beet.TV. “It gives them some power. What that does is it equalizes the power behind publishers, sellers and buyers and markets thrive when that balance is equal,” he says.

The ad platform achieves that by offering more transparency in the technology so publishers can have more insight into the inventory and how it’s being monetized, he explains. “Our platform lets publishers call the shots,” he says. Publishers can see every advertiser trying to bid on their inventory, and what they’re bidding, he says.

The platform enables a range of buying, from direct deals to DSP, to trading desks. SpotXchange can arrange a publisher-to-buyer direct deal and then execute that deal on the platform, Swain adds.

For more insight into how the new platform works, and the buying strategies allowed, check out this video interview.