You could spend s lifetime grumbling about the difficulties targeting users with ads across screens because some screens don’t support cookies – or you could just make the best of what’s available to you.

“We’re able to look at some users across devices,” ad-targeting technology group Turn‘s senior business development director Mark Balabanian told Beet.TV’s programmatic leadership summit. “User addressability is a real thing, it’s here – it’s only going to get better.”

Balabanian was speaking at the event presented by SpotXchange and hosted by The Hearst Corporation. He spoke about the necessary differences between advertising across different devices.

“The creative is being tuned for the channel,” Balabanian told moderator Joanna O’Connell, who was Forrester principal analyst until joining AdExchanger recently

“The mindset you’re in when you’re on your phone is very different form the mindset you’re in when you’re watching television or using Facebook on your desktop.”

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