‘TV of Tomorrow’ is Today: Tremor’s Wesly

SAN FRANCISCO –  Television is the next big thing where video is naturally migrating, says Doron Wesly, head of market strategy for digital ad tech company Tremor Video. “It’s where the connected TV is still very much in its infancy,” he says. “But we know there’s a huge audience there.” Americans are streaming an average […]


Dijit And Viggle Make Reminder-And-Reward TV ‘Circle’

SAN FRANCISCO — Viggle has set about enabling a virtuous “circle” of TV discovery and reward after acquiring Dijit in January. Dijit’s NextGuide product lets broadcasters place a “reminder” button on their pages so that viewers can receive notifications of upcoming shows. Viggle, a check-in app that gives users rewards for watching shows, acquired the […]


Canoe Catches A Wave After VOD Ad Pivot

SAN FRANCISCO — Once conceived as an ambitious cable industry effort to insert ads in interactive TV, Canoe Ventures says it is now making headway after pivoting from its original goal. The venture flipped three years ago to help TV content owners benefit from ad sales in their own content when it is hosted on cable operators’ […]


Digital and Linear TV Ad Workflow Will be Unified, INVISION’s Miller

SAN FRANCISCO –  With the introduction of new data from Rentrak and other providers, technology provider INVISION will be able to provide unified ad workflow for both digital and linear television, predicts David Miller, VP for Product Management, in this interview with Beet.TV The company recently announced partnership with Rentrak. We spoke with him at […]


Simple.TV Enables ‘TV Everywhere’ For Broadcast

SAN FRANCISCO — After launching to let viewers consume live and recorded US broadcast TV on a multitude of devices in 2011, Simple.TV will soon launch in the UK. CEO Mark Ely tells Beet.TV: “A lot of there most watched, most popular content is available through the major networks. We are the TV Everywhere solution for […]


LG Sets WebOS To Work On Simplifying Smart TVs

SAN FRANCISCO — It was the operating system that nobody loved. When LG Electronics acquired webOS from HP in 2013, it bought a technically sound OS that had struggled to make headway during the mobile platform wars. Now the electronics group is hoping webOS can finally flourish by simplifying the smart TV experience, with the […]


GroupM Seeks ‘Coalitions’ To Boost Branded Video Scale

SAN FRANCISCO — Ad group WPP is already making video and TV shows on behalf of advertisers, through its GroupM Entertainment division. But it wants to bring distribution platforms together to take its content to larger audiences. “The big aggregators have advantages, whether they’re Yahoo, AOL, Google or YouTube,” says the division’s CEO Peter Tortocici. “They […]


‘TV Everywhere’ Experience Must Be Harmonized: CTAM’s Britt

SAN FRANCISCO — TV subscribers want to be able to watch their programming digitally wherever they are. But creating a harmonious access point when the US’ patchwork market comprises dozens of different operators is a significant undertaking. Angie Britt, the advanced products VP at cable operators’ joint marketing association CTAM, says the sector-wide “TV Everywhere” initiative […]


Black Arrow Wants Cable Co’s To Monetize All Screens

SAN FRANCISCO —  BlackArrow SVP Chris Hock says the company helps pay-TV operators make money from their content, no matter what screen it is served on. The San Jose, CA, firm’s technology is used by traditional cable operators in up to 32 million US homes, Hock says. The outfit’s product suites include software for campaigns, […]


Disney Apps’ Reboot Improves Kids’ Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO — The Disney/ABC Television Group says it has increased kids’ engagement with its mobile apps by refreshing the line-up through adding games to video last month. “We’ve already seen some of the stickiness increase,” the group’s video products and technology VP JR Grant tells Beet.TV. “(They place) an emphasis on getting more content types […]


Scripps Sets Out To Softly Sync Its Divided Channels

SAN FRANCISCO — Lifestyle TV company Scripps Networks Interactive is already doing plenty in digital media – now it wants to better marry those activities with its core TV strategy. “Ninety-five percent of our revenue comes from linear – and yet we have a gargantuan digital side,” the company’s senior advisor Channing Dawson tells Beet.TV. […]


Data Mining Can Cure TV Fragmentation: ThinkAnalytics’ Martin

SAN FRANCISCO — Can crunching gigabytes of data help TV companies give viewers more of what they want? Christy Martin, chief technology advisor at search and recommendation firm ThinkAnalytics, thinks so. “There’s tons of opportunity that’s still untapped,” she tells Beet.TV. “With all the fragmentation that’s out there – for programmers making sure that their content […]


Showtime Touts Smart TV’s for Rich, Interactive Experience

SAN FRANCISCO –  Showtime sees smart TV’s as powerful platform for immersive, interactive experiences, explains David Preisman, VP for Interactive Television at the premium cable network.  In this interview with Beet.TV, he speaks about the company’s Sho Synch app and its growing popularity.   The app is available on LG sets. We spoke with him […]


UK’s BSkyB Sees A Third Of Subscribers Watch Mobile

The UK may not have a joint “TV Everywhere” initiative like that in the US – but subscription satellite TV and broadband operator  BSkyB is seeing mobile viewing boom despite (or perhaps because) of that. “We are seeing … a third of our customer base using ‘TV everywhere’ every month,” says BSkyB‘s business developer VP Hilary […]


Comcast Will Double Live Programming via “TV Everywhere” this Year

SAN FRANCISCO – Launched by Comcast in 2009 as a means to provide subscribers video on demand on the desktop, tablets and mobile has greatly accelerated the consumption of programming via the “TV Everywhere” scenario.   Originally it was used to stream video on demand programs, now there is a big move to delivering live, […]


‘TV Everywhere’ is Expanding Video Viewing and Advertising Opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO –  The big growth of  “TV Everywhere,”  meaning the authenticated  viewing of  TV programming on digital devices by cable and satellite consumers, is creating expanded video viewing and new opportunities for advertisers, says Beet commentator Ashley J. Swartz, in this wrap-up of the TV of Tomorrow conference in San Francisco. Adobe has  reported […]


CNN Merging TV and Net Programming with ‘CNN X’

SAN FRANCISCO –  CNN is expanding its new ‘CNN X’ product – a hybrid offering of live TV and personalized  digital content to cable and satellite subscribers with new distribution platforms.   CNN X, which is available on iPad, has just launched on the Web and will soon be available on DiretTV set-top boxes, explains […]


Comcast to Bring Web Video, Data, Social to TV w/ X1 Cable Box

SAN FRANCISCO –  The X1 cable box from Comcast  will be become increasingly “immersive” with a number of new features including more  Apps, Web videos, data and social media over the next few months, explains Matthew Strauss, SVP and GM for Video Services, in this interview with Beet.TV More on developments with X1 in this […]


Sports Is Catalyst For TV Everywhere Boom: Adobe’s Helfand

SAN FRANCISCO — The TV Everywhere system for allowing online viewers to watch channels from the US’ patchwork of cable operators is booming thanks to sports popularity. “We saw about a 250% increase in TV Everywhere streams this past quarter over the previous year,” says Adobe’s Primetime VP Jeremy Helfand. “Live sports has been a […]


Mobile, iOS Fuels Rapid Growth of “TV Everywhere,” Adobe Study

SAN FRANCISCO — Mobile devices, led by the Apple operating system, are fueling the spread of TV Everywhere, says Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst with Adobe Digital Index in this video interview. “The iOS app has surpassed the browser as the most common access point for TV Everywhere,” she says, sharing the details of a just-released study […]