SAN FRANCISCO — TV subscribers want to be able to watch their programming digitally wherever they are. But creating a harmonious access point when the US’ patchwork market comprises dozens of different operators is a significant undertaking.

Angie Britt, the advanced products VP at cable operators’ joint marketing association CTAM, says the sector-wide “TV Everywhere” initiative to do just that is great – but not without its problems.

“We just completed some research,” she tells Beet.TV. “when you just said the term ‘TV Everywhere’, the consumer didn’t really know what that was. But then, when you explained it and gave them the experience, they said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that’ or ‘I’ve even used it’.”

CTAM has just delivered phase one of its recommendations to cable operators, urging them to unify their messaging, branding and user experience for the features provided by “TV Everywhere”-like services, Britt says

We spoke with her at the TV of Tomorrow conference. You can find more videos of our coverage here.