SAN FRANCISCO — Ad group WPP is already making video and TV shows on behalf of advertisers, through its GroupM Entertainment division. But it wants to bring distribution platforms together to take its content to larger audiences.

“The big aggregators have advantages, whether they’re Yahoo, AOL, Google or YouTube,” says the division’s CEO Peter Tortocici. “They already deliver audiences at scale and have a need for brand investment.

“We need to look at the entire universe of delivery systems. We’re looking far and wide in terms of what kinds of partnerships we can put together, coalitions we can put together for projects to achieve a level of scale, because it’s really hard to get there with any one partner.”

GroupM Entertainment’s short-form on-line series In the Motherhood, created for clients Unilever and Sprint, was recently licensed by ABC and aired as a half-hour comedy series.

We spoke with Tortocici at the TV of Tomorrow conference. You can find more videos of our coverage here.