SAN FRANCISCO — Viggle has set about enabling a virtuous “circle” of TV discovery and reward after acquiring Dijit in January.

Dijit’s NextGuide product lets broadcasters place a “reminder” button on their pages so that viewers can receive notifications of upcoming shows. Viggle, a check-in app that gives users rewards for watching shows, acquired the firm. Now the technology has been integrated.

“Once the (NextGuide) reminder triggers and you get an alert, you can check in to the Viggle app to say ‘I am now attaching this’, and get rewarded for that,” according to Viggle product SVP Jeremy Toeman. “While you’re in the Viggle app, you might get alerts to more shows and can set more reminders.”

He claims high engagement rates from the combo: “At the end of the day people like points. You can use our points to get real stuff – it’s not just like a leaderboard. Our users use the app for 60+ minutes at a time, day-in, day out.”

We interviewed him at the TV of Tomorrow conference.  You can find more Beet coverage of the event here.