SAN FRANCISCO — Lifestyle TV company Scripps Networks Interactive is already doing plenty in digital media – now it wants to better marry those activities with its core TV strategy.

“Ninety-five percent of our revenue comes from linear – and yet we have a gargantuan digital side,” the company’s senior advisor Channing Dawson tells Beet.TV. “The digital side is not aligned with the TV side necessarily. When those two get aligned, we can move mountains. How do you morph a company like us? We have a structural issue.”

Dawson believes linear TV will retain a strong position in consumers’ affections, but he imagines a melding of digital and traditional linear modes of consumption, rather than a replacement of linear with on-demand behavior :”You have to kind of replicate the linear model in an on-demand world.”

We spoke with him at the TV of Tomorrow conference. You can find more videos of our coverage here.