Anchor Yourself From The Cycle Of Denial: Second Arrow’s Smith

CANNES — It may sometimes seem like a fast-paced media industry. But there is ample evidence to suggest things don’t always move as fast as it seems, that there is sufficient time to move purposefully through work and life. That’s the view of one industry leader working to make more inclusive organisations. Changing fast and […]


Addressable TV Ads Can Have Greater Resonance with Viewers: Molson Coors’s Brad Feinberg

CANNES – Advanced television is entering a new era as advertising on national broadcast networks becomes addressable, giving marketers a way to show different ads to different households during the same linear programming. Ad targeting similar to what advertisers have experienced on digital platforms is becoming possible in a medium that historically offered broad reach. […]


Don’t Forget TV Households That Are Undercounted: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

CANNES – The major disruptions of the past few years — including the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and current worries about a recession – have spurred a creative flowering in the television industry. “We’ve been through so much that business problems are being approached with a high degree of creativity and open-mindedness that I […]


Contextual Ads Must Be Part of Premium Viewer Experience: Mars’s Ron Amram

CANNES – High-quality content helps to engage consumers, improving the likelihood they’ll see advertising and even consider buying different products and services. These contextual ads are regaining importance as marketers confront the eventual disappearance of technologies like device IDs and tracking cookies that help with online targeting. “The way we do targeting today is going […]


Attention Is Everything: WMX’s Moran On Attracting Younger Audiences

CANNES — If it is harder than ever to capture younger people’s attention, spare a thought for Erin Moran. As Global Chief Revenue Officer, WMX, Moran is growing Warner Music Group’s new division combining several audience-facing content plays, with an advertising opportunity in tow. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV editorial advisor Jon Watts, […]


Purpose & Advertising Can Co-Exist: Big Village’s Cacy

CANNES — To some in the advertising industry, it might sometimes feel like the art of making people part with their money is anathema to living a life of purpose. But Kasha Cacy doesn’t see it that way. To the CEO of Big Village – the advertising, technology and data company formerly known as ENGINE […]


Marketers Are Gaining More Tools for Ad Measurement: Omnicom’s Ben Hovaness

CANNES – Worries about privacy and stricter data laws have pushed technology companies to give consumers better control over how their personal data are collected, stored and shared. These steps are gradually leading to the disappearance of device identifiers and tracking cookies that help marketers to determine whether they’re reaching the right consumers with advertising. […]


Show Me The Money: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa Wants Answers To CTV Ad Fraud

CANNES — With TV now opened up to the internet, there are estimates that connected TV ad fraud schemes could waste $144 million in US CTV ad spend. As a woman deciding where a big chunk of advertising spending goes, Lisa Giacosa wants answers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Giacosa, Chief Investment Officer, Spark […]


Measuring Attention to Ads Has Most Meaning in Sales Results: Carat’s Michael Law

CANNES – Today’s consumers see or hear dozens of advertisements throughout the day among a growing variety of media channels, challenging marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Attention metrics have become more significant, especially for any insights into driving business outcomes such as sales. “We can now trade on Attentive CPMs [cost per […]


Ad Spending for Streaming Media Is Reaching Broad Scale: OMD’s George Manas

The rapid growth of the streaming media audience in the past few years has pushed marketers to look for opportunities to reach these viewers. Media companies are answering that demand with the development of advertising formats that provide targeting at a greater scale. “We saw so much transformation coming out of the pandemic with all […]


DIRECTV Advertising’s Rosenfeld Sees Alt Currency’s Long Heritage, Live TV Remaining Strong

CANNES — Sometimes in media, what’s old is new. In this industry, people see trends as novel when they have been latent for some time. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Rosenfeld, SVP, Advertising Analytics & Insights, DIRECTV Advertising, talks about some of those trends. Currency history lesson Many TV networks have begun experimenting […]


The Road To Alt Currencies: Comscore’s Hinnant

CANNES — Although 2022 is the year when alternative measurement and currency systems got most attention in the media marketplace, Carol Hinnant feels like she has been living the future for a long time already. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore, says her company has long been an “alternative”. But, […]


How To Build A Social Brand: Twitter, Meta, LinkedIn, Pinterest Execs Discuss On Cannes Panel

CANNES — With people spending more than two hours per day on social media, the platforms are bigger than ever. And, with $63 billion expected to be spent on the platforms this year by US companies alone, social advertising is bigger than ever, too. But, when brands and their agencies are busy trying to fill […]


From Resignation To Reset: Mediaocean’s Dorman On Media’s Structural Transformation

CANNES — If you thought the the turbulence of the pandemic was over, think again. Across business, companies are wrestling with the challenges thrown up by the up-ending of traditional working practices. In this interview with Forrester VP, principal analyst, Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Stephanie Dorman, Chief Customer Officer, Mediaocean, explains what customers of the […]


Accessibility Focus Needed In Diversity Drive: Infillion’s Rossi

CANNES — In the focus on DE&I, don’t forget that “A” is a key component. But “accessibility” can often be left behind in the diversity debate. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Laurel Rossi, CMO, Infillion, assesses progress in the industry toward diversity, equality and full inclusion. Improve media accessibility “Inclusion is […]


Advertisers Will Benefit From Evolution in Media Measurement: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

CANNES – The television industry is open to finding multiple ways to measure how consumers are viewing advertising, especially as they spend more time watching streaming video. Multiple companies have emerged to provide the tools to set the value of ad transactions amid the shifting media landscape. “Measurement is confusing because there’s a lot of […]


Content, Context & Culture Provide Key Insights to Brands: OMD’s Caitriona Henry

CANNES – The gradual disappearance of tracking cookies and device identifiers is pushing marketers to find ways to reach the right consumers while respecting their privacy. People’s programming choices can tell a lot about their interests and mindset. Those data signals are renewing interest in contextual advertising. “We’re waking up to the fact that consumers […]


There’s Power & Purpose In The Pause: LinkedIn’s Acosta

CANNES — It is a fast-moving industry, particularly for younger professionals who are keen to hustle and prove themselves. But what if we could speed up a more purposeful media business by slowing down? In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Illianna Acosta, Sr. Manager, Channel Sales – AdTech Partners, LinkedIn, says reflection […]


Content Ratings Must Be Key Part of Media Measurement: Omnicom’s Kelly Metz

CANNES – Advertisers and their media agencies are keeping a close eye on the latest developments with measuring television audiences. They want metrics that accurately reflect viewership of linear and streaming platforms to help set the value of ad transactions, “currencies” in media industry parlance. “The good news for the industry is that the focus […]


Brands Have More Power to Engage Diverse Audiences as Media Choices Multiply: dentsu Media’s Mark Prince

CANNES – The popularity of streaming video on connected devices has led to greater fragmentation of the media marketplace. Consumers can choose how and when they spend time watching their favorite shows, and don’t have to tune into scheduled programming unless they want to see live news, sports or events. Amid this segmented viewing, brands […]

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