CANNES – The popularity of streaming video on connected devices has led to greater fragmentation of the media marketplace. Consumers can choose how and when they spend time watching their favorite shows, and don’t have to tune into scheduled programming unless they want to see live news, sports or events. Amid this segmented viewing, brands have an opportunity to reach diverse groups of consumers who actively seek out programming.

“There’s a unique opportunity to really tap into that loyalty and really see that engagement,” Mark Prince, senior vice president and head of economic empowerment at dentsu Media – Americas, said in this interview with correspondent Tameka Kee at the Beet Villa during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Media measurement needs to be improved to reflect the diversity of audiences, and demonstrate the effectiveness of reaching groups of people who have been under-represented in media.

“If we’re able to properly measure and operate off of that metric, I hink you can open up so many doors for these communities, for these partners,” Prince said, “and really for brands to really tap into a loyalty that I think is really untapped right now.”

Empowering Under-Represented Groups

Prince aims to support the growth of media outlets that are owned and operated by historically marginalized groups of people with its dentsu Media Economic Empowerment program.

“dentsu’s Economic Empowerment practice is really dedicated to providing more opportunities for both diverse-owned and targeted media,” he said, “And it’s really about reducing the inequity that has existed really within media buying and planning for decades — so, making sure that people have a seat at the table, that their voices are being heard.”

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