Strategy Drives Best Creative Execution for Advertisers: TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Nancy Reyes

CANNES – Advertising campaigns are most optimal when they’re backed with a strong marketing strategy. From there, brands also can determine which media channels are most effective in reaching a target audience. “There is no great creative execution without great strategy,” Nancy Reyes, chief executive of Omnicom Group’s TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, said in an interview […]


Dynamic Ad Creative Helps Capture Viewer Attention: Mediaocean’s John Nardone

CANNES – Consumers are bombarded throughout the day with dozens of advertising messages, making their creative content an important part of standing out in the crowd. With dynamic creative opitimization (DCO), the creative elements of an ad – including its imagery, text and layout – can be put together in real time and customized to […]


Back To The Future: 4As’ Kaplowitz On Context

CANNES — What’s old is new – but that doesn’t mean things should stay the same. In advertising, no-one used to call the manual practice of finding inventory-content adjacencies “contextual targeting”. But, in the wake of challenges to people targeting techniques, the technique has been rebooted for digital. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Marla […]


Comcast’s Allen Pushes Addressable Forward With AMC

CANNES — Addressable TV, which supports targeted advertising replacements, is growing. Lately, it has been growing nationally and is becoming offered to ad buyers on a self-service basis. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Larry Allen, VP & GM, Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising, explains why his company made an announcement at the apex of those […]


Competition Will Make Us Stronger: Nielsen’s Atai

CANNES — After a year in which the consensus around traditional media measurement splintered, Nielsen came to Cannes Lions acknowledging the rivals nipping at its heels – and stating its case for its own vision of media measurement. Over the last year, Nielsen has been working to gain re-accreditation with the Media Rating Council and […]


Sir Martin On Tech-Driven Growth And The Quest For ‘Whoppers’

CANNES — He may have previously run the world’s largest advertising agency holding group, but Sir Martin Sorrell is pretty happy in his current seat. The former WPP CEO is now executive chairman of his own S4 Capital, the group building a digital marketing services company through its main Media.Monks division. In this video interview […]


MNTN View: Creative At The Speed Of Culture

CANNES — In recent years, many advertisers hit a fork in the road, and chose their path. Much spend has gravitated toward either outcomes-driven performance channels or creative-driven, top-of-funnel brand building. Lauren Benedict wants to connect the two. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the SVP, enterprise sales at ad-tech firm MNTN, explains why. Connecting creative […]


Kroger Pilots Dentsu’s Attention Metric As An Upgrade Over Viewability

CANNES — Supermarket chain Kroger is readying to pilot a brand new way to measure the performance of its ads across Facebook and Google, after agreeing on a test with media agency group Dentsu. The retailer will begin measuring the “attention” consumers give its ads, based on work Dentsu has been doing over the last […]


Leap Together: Xandr’s Harms Invites CTV Buyers & Sellers To The Future

CANNES  ̶  It is still troubled by inefficiencies, but connected TV (CTV) advertising is benefitting from a growing number of solutions. Even so, despite the emergence of those solutions, realizing the full benefits is going to rely on buyers and sellers leaning in. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Sarah Warner Harms, […]


TV Metrics Have Improved and Are Getting Better: NBCU’s Kelly Abcarian

CANNES – Advertisers are demanding television viewership metrics that reflect the way people spend time with traditional linear TV and newer streaming video platforms. Comcast’s NBCUniversal has worked to provide insights into what’s currently achievable in audience metrics by sharing the results of a recent test-and-learn project that included 158 brands. Kelly Abcarian, executive vice president […]


AI Technology, Subscriber Data Support Contextual Ads: New York Times’s Guy Griggs

CANNES – Putting brand messages next to content that appeals to an audience of likely customers for years has been the basic strategy for contextual advertising. That methodology was overshadowed as advertisers relied on technologies to track people’s online activities, but it’s making a comeback as consumers become more protective of their digital privacy. Contextual […]


News Content Engages Audiences With Contextual Ads: Washington Post’s Joy Robins

CANNES — Brands are renewing their interest in contextual signals that indicate where consumers saw an advertisement as tracking cookies and device identifiers become less reliable for audience targeting. Artificial intelligence technology such as natural-language processing can help to strengthen these contextual signals. “It isn’t just about trying to attach your brand to specific keywords,” […]


Teads’ Pintarelli Pays Attention To Making Attention Pay

CANNES — Across the digital ad world, “attention” is rising as a potential metric, even a currency, to fit the new working reality. But what is “attention”, and how can it improve on the norms on offer right now? In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Monique Pintarelli, Chief Revenue Officer, Teads, explains why her company […]


Rise Up & Respect: Infillion’s Carone On Valuing Customers & Women

CANNES — There is a common notion that binds two top themes in Christa Carone’s world – opting-in. The president of Infillion, a new company recently formed out of a merger of Gimbal and true[X], wants more women to “opt in” to the workforce, and she wants more TV viewers to get control in the advertising […]


Measuring People’s Attention to Ads Includes All Their Senses: dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen

CANNES – Consumers have a variety of ways to view video programming and listen to audio content, often at the same time as they keep their smartphones nearby while watching television. This behavior is challenging advertisers to measure not only if their advertising was seen or heard, but also if it captured the attention of […]


Ad Metrics Need Consistency to Reflect New Viewing Behaviors: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

CANNES — People are dividing their time among more media channels and connected devices, pushing advertisers to demand better measurement of consumer behavior. The rapid growth in streaming, especially during the onset of the pandemic, heightened the need for a more universal media currency to help set the value of ad transactions. “There’s a number of […]


The Truth About Context & Safety: IAS’ Marlow

CANNES – The media industry has been through a couple of years in which ad buyers swerved away from news media for fear troubling stories would put off audiences. By and large, industry education efforts have succeeded in telling the story that such an impact is not necessarily true. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tony […]


Purpose Drives Your Everything: Logitech’s Tita-Reid

CANNES — Over the last few years, the industry has heard a lot about “purpose-driven marketing”. But, in a world that is still created by people, purpose has a much wider, deeper and earlier resonance. In this video interview at Cannes Lions with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Najoh Tita-Reid, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logitech, describes how […]


Our Incredible Week at Cannes: Now the Massive Video Output

Our villa became an extraordinary gathering place for 350 attendees over five days, with meaningful conversations with 60 speakers led by our accomplished moderators. More than an ephemeral event, our Cannes activation was a “made for TV” project with panels of experts and on-site interviews produced for publication as videos. We have begun to publish […]


For Mastercard’s Rajamannar, Multi-Sensory Marketing Is Priceless

CANNES – If you thought Mastercard’s brand revision was just about the logo, think again, listen up or… have a sniff. For Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Communications Officer & President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard, marketing has to go “multi-sensory”. That means appealing to ears, noses, tastebuds and skin receptors. Sensory clutter “When we are trying to reach […]

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