CANNES — To some in the advertising industry, it might sometimes feel like the art of making people part with their money is anathema to living a life of purpose.

But Kasha Cacy doesn’t see it that way.

To the CEO of Big Village – the advertising, technology and data company formerly known as ENGINE – the two can co-exist.

Reconciling ads in the heart

“I don’t think about them being in conflict,” Cacy says in this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV . “Especially when it comes to things like diversity and inclusion and putting women in spaces where they’re in leadership.

“Because I think that is what will push the industry forward. There’s no disconnect between ‘how do we advance women in this industry?’ and ‘how do we do a good job for business?’ They will naturally impact each other.

“I’ve spent a lot of time reconciling that and defining that in my own mind and in my heart.”

Restarting the ENGINE

ENGINE Group had previously grown with an assortment of agencies under its wing, including operating in programmatic.

But, under CEO Kasha Cacy’s leadership, the group has evolved into a digital media marketing firm all under the Engine brand,

The group offers data and insights, digital transformation, innovation, integrated advertising and public relations.

Kasha Cacy On Engine Group’s Perpetual Diversity Machine

In June 2022, ENGINE renamed as Big Village, integrating its ad-tech, media, insights and creative offerings in a company of 450 people.

The company offers:

  • EMX, a SSP, data platform and trading desk.
  • Cassanda, a collection of trends research.
  • Media experts trained on improving targeting activation and measurement.
  • Market research.
  • Creative shop.

Pieces of purpose

That is the kind of momentum-on-all-fronts approach Cacy uses in the day-to-day pursuit of purpose.

Rather than get caught-up in the definition of a singular life purpose, Cacy says: “I sort of think about purpose in probably smaller doses.

“What is my purpose today this week, this month, this year? The way I find purpose in those everyday moments is I think really tuning into the people around me and what they need.”

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