BrightRoll Launches Mobile Video Real-Time Bidding Platform

Last month, BrightRoll, the big video advertising services company announced the launch of a real-time bidding exchange for mobile video, the industry’s first the company said.


Premium Video Ad Inventory in Low Supply, Execs Says

The demand for premium online video content is much higher than the supply, said AOL SVP for Video Ran Harnevo during a conversation at the BRX Video Summit this month on ad exchanges, premium inventory and the online video ad marketplace needs and wants.


Online Video Ad Load Should be Much Higher, Execs Say

Online video viewers have a much greater tolerance for higher ad loads than most of the premium publishing business is delivering right now, said speakers on a panel at the BRX Video Summit last week in New York.


Digital Video Needs Better Targeting, Metrics on Front End & Back End

Show me the metrics. That was the overwhelming request from media buyers speaking on a panel at the BRX Video Summit last week in New York.


comScore: Brightroll Tops Online Video Ad Nets in March

Brightroll, the big San Francisco-based online video ad network and exchange has topped the latest comScore rankings for online video ad properties among the its competitive set of ad networks and exchanges.   (Brightroll ranks third in the overall category with Hulu and Google in the first and second spots.)


Real-Time Video Ad Buying Not Ready for Brands, Mullen’s Gina Preziosa

While video ad exchanges are gaining traction in the digital marketplace, her agency's brands are not ready to put their digital video buys into an exchange.  Clients are more comfortable with video ad networks, says Gina Preziosa, Group Digital Media Director, Mullen mediahub.


The “Holy Grail” of Addressable TV Will Emerge with Consumer Data, MEC’s Jen Soch

The notion of addressable TV, a scenario in which broadcasters and marketers "narrowcast" content on a one-to-one basis to a viewer, is still very much in the early stages, but it can become a reality if marketers use consumer data to reach specific individuals.


Eyeview’s Personalized Video Ads Widen Brand Reach Across Different Audience Segments

Online video affords brands new opportunities when it comes to advertising.  Unlike television, where brands serve a single ad, online video ad campaigns can be personalized to reach a much wider audience. 


Solve Media Turns Video Ad Skippers Into Engaged Viewers

Today pre-roll ads are commonplace on quality online video content, but many viewers simply tune them out or skip them entirely, if given the chance.  Solve Media has come up with a way to turn these inattentive ad skippers into engaged viewers.


LiveRail: Making Real Time Bidding Safe for Premium Online Video Producers

While realtime bidding (RTB) for video inventory has taken off dramatically, there has been pushback to theses electronic marketplaces by television networks and other "premium" video publishers who prefer to control, and usally sell their inventory directly to ad agencies.


Brian Morrissey: Video Ad Tech Not Providing Basics to Advertisers

Technology providers are racing way ahead of advertisers and not providing them with the basic needs to make reasoned online video media buys, says Brian Morrissey, editor-in-chief of Digiday in this interview with Beet.TV


Online Video Breakthrough on Madison Avenue: Brands Finally “Get it” As Nielsen Data Tips the Scale

The “pain point”  of convincing brands to dedicate signficant budgets to to online video has dramatically shifted with proper tracking from Nielsen Fusion which makes the digital video buy more “TV-like” says Kelley Train, Group Digital Director of PHD Media in this interview with Beet.TV


BrightRoll Introduces Video Inventory Management Tool

BrightRoll, the big San Francisco-based provider of video advertising services, announced today the introduction of tools including an inventory planning solution.