Show me the metrics. That was the overwhelming request from media buyers speaking on a panel at the BRX Video Summit last week in New York.

During this deep dive discussion on what the online video business needs, media buyers repeatedly cited better metrics on the front end, the back end and when it comes to targeting. "We need better metrics on the back end in terms of the target and reach to prove out everything we need," says Jen Soch, Managing Partner, Account Director at MEC, during this panel moderated by Brian Morrissey, editor-in-chief for Digiday, available in its entirely here on Beet.TV

Money for digital video is coming from all pots, she adds, but media buyers need to prove to clients that the allocation for different types of media from traditional to newer forms of mobile, online video and tablets is the right media mix. Marketers are no longer just operating by what feels right; they want numbers and data.

Brands also want to know exactly how digital video complements existing ad forms such as search and display, says Kelly Train, group digital director at PHD Media, during the panel discussion. As such, agencies are needing to prove how all aspects of media are working together.

Standards are very much still needed too, points out Stewart Pratt, Director of Data and Analytics at SapientNitro. The industry needs to do a better job with standards on video starts, video completes, how to break down audiences, and more, he says during the session.

Looking ahead, publishers are going to have to work harder to prove their targeting strategies work, Soch says. Media buyers need to analyze target audiences deeper on the front end, and publishers should expect to be quizzed on whether they really can reach the audiences they promise, she says.

The session also tackles vital topics of brand safety and Gina Preziosa, VP & Group Digital Media Director at mullen, explains where and when brand safety matters.

For all the details, check out the session here.

-Daisy Whitney

Disclosure: This video was produced as in custom publishing arrangement with Brightroll, the presenter of the BRX Summit.