Today pre-roll ads are commonplace on quality online video content, but many viewers simply tune them out or skip them entirely, if given the chance.  Solve Media has come up with a way to turn these inattentive ad skippers into engaged viewers.

In this video interview, Todd Lieberman, President of Solve Media, says, “Users are really fatigued by being forced to watch ads again and again and again.  Solve Media allows users to skip the ads that they see today by typing in a brand message, so instead of it taking 30 seconds of your life while you’re tuning out the message, you’re able to get to the content faster and remember a brand.”

It’s a win-win situation for publishers, advertisers and, of course, the viewers that get to skip the ads.  Lieberman explains, “Publishers are able to allow better user experience, they’re able to garner premium CPMs by getting their users to pay attention to the ads, and advertisers are getting what they paid for—true cognition.”

Solve Media is two and a half years old and is growing quickly, working with major clients like Saatchi LA, Toyota, Volkswagen, and General Mills, and referenced in Ad Age on the topic of skippable media.

We interviewed Lieberman earlier this week at the BRX Video Summit.  Check out the full interview to find out more.

Megan O’Neill