Online video affords brands new opportunities when it comes to advertising.  Unlike television, where brands serve a single ad, online video ad campaigns can be personalized to reach a much wider audience. 

Eyeview is at the forefront of personalized video advertising, making it easy for brands to personalize their video assets to reach across different audience segments.

In this video interview, co-founder and CEO of Eyeview, Oren Harnevo, explains how Eyeview works.  Using information such as the viewer’s IP address and the site the ad is being served on, Eyeview personalizes video ads with everything from the user’s location to the weather, their interests and more.

Harnevo explains that Eyeview helps brands and media agencies take existing TV ad sets and “create literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of different types of messaging in video” for different audiences.  “Everything is customizable regarding text voice, image, video, scenes and effects.”  For instance, if a viewer that is a sports enthusiast watches a Mazda ad, the ad may push the “cool” features of the car.  If a mom watches the same ad, the more family-oriented features like space and safety would be the focus.

We interviewed Harnevo at the BRX Video Summit last week in New York.  Watch the full interview to find out more about Eyeview’s personalized video ads.

Megan O’Neill