Data Drives Business Outcomes for Media Sellers: Furious’ Ashley Swartz

LOS ANGELES – Media companies have greater potential to optimize advertising sales as they capture the attention of different consumer groups. As a provider of data science and artificial intelligence solutions to video publishers and television broadcasters, Furious is part of the “connective tissue” that joins buyers and sellers in the media marketplace. “We are […]


TV Can Learn From Programmatic Digital’s Past: TransUnion’s Matt Spiegel

LOS ANGELES – The television marketplace is being transformed with the growth of streaming services and the promise of addressable advertising on national networks. Audience targeting will be more granular, helping brands to improve the return on investment (ROI) from their media spending. “Marketers have clearly voted with their wallets by showing where they put […]


‘We’re Here To Play’: TransUnion Favors Integration In TV Foray

LOS ANGELES – It may be more commonly thoughts of as a consumer credit information provider. But, after a couple of years involving acquisitions and integrations, TransUnion has arrived on the map as an advertising data enabler. In this video interview at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat in Santa Monica, Frans Vermeulen, VP of market development for […]


IRIS.TV Lets Finecast Buyers Target Through The Eye Of Context: Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – When one of the world’s largest media buyers plugs contextual targeting into its connected TV offering, you know the new practice is about to get a leg-up. That’s what GroupM’s Finecast did in November, when it announced it would make IRIS.TV’s contextual targeting and brand safety tools available to its US local […]


Cultural Relevance Is Heart of Building Audiences: Warner Music’s Benjamin Blank

LOS ANGELES – Warner Music Group this month introduced WMX as a music culture media holding group to provide brands with its advanced advertising offerings. WMX reaches a global audience of more than 249 million monthly visitors, and generates about 50 billion monthly video views. “WMX really is the access point by which advertisers can […]


Media Marketplace Needs to Face 5 Key Issues: Furious’s Ashley Swartz

LOS ANGELES – Rapid changes in consumer habits, public policies and advertising technology have disrupted the media marketplace in the past couple of years. Marketers, agencies, media outlets and ad-tech companies are grappling with these shifts. Five key themes emerged in discussions about the future of advertising and media at this year’s Beet Retreat conference, […]


Defy Measurement Inertia: NBCU’s Abcarian Moves Beyond ‘Crappy Counting’

LOS ANGELES — If anyone wanted to understand the clamor to reinvent the TV ad measurement space, they need only look at the Lumascape-like graphic Kelly Abcarian presented at the recent Beet Retreat in Santa Monica. Transformation is a journey—and if we’re ever going to get there, we’re going to need a map. So proud […]


Warner Music Group Launches WMX to Unite Talent With Brands

LOS ANGELES – Warner Music Group today introduced WMX as a music culture media holding group to provide brands with its advanced advertising offerings. WMX reaches a global audience of more than 249 million monthly visitors, and generates about 50 billion monthly video views. Erin Moran joined WMX as global chief revenue officer after working […]


WarnerMedia Issues RFI for Audience Measurement Amid Shift in Viewer Habits

WarnerMedia is seeking a variety of new audience measurement solutions as people’s viewing habits change rapidly with the growth in streaming video. The company, which is being spun off from AT&T to merge with Discovery, sent out a request for information (RFI) from 10 to 15 measurement providers and will narrow the list of finalists […]


At the Beet Retreat, Industry Can Collaborate To Solve & Grow: FreeWheel’s Clark

For many people, the last couple of years has been a torrid time. For the TV, video and advertising industry, it has been a period when new consumer behaviors were solidified. Now that the darkness is easing, players are emerging into the light with a renewed impetus – if they want to capitalize on the […]


Brands Seek Greater Transparency for CTV Ads: IRIS.TV’s Field Garthwaite

The migration of viewers from traditional linear television to streaming platforms like Hulu and the Roku Channel is pushing brands to divide their advertising budgets among a wider group of media outlets. Their spending is expected to grow, though they will want greater transparency into the connected TV (CTV) marketplace. “Buyers don’t have transparency into […]


Why We Beat A Path To Beet Retreat: TransUnion’s Matt Spiegel

CHICAGO – After a disrupted couple of years for the industry, Beet Retreat is fully back in business. Beet.TV’s industry get-together arrives at Loews, Santa Monica Beach Hotel, on November 17. Executives are gathering at a time when the redefinition that was bubbling in the industry was crystallised by pandemic effects. Now the mood in […]


The Post-Meter Future Is Multi-Currency: Samba TV’s Navin

If the traditional TV meter disappears as the standard by which viewing behavior is measured, don’t expect it to be replaced by just one alternative. In this video interview with Beet.TV, one TV ad-tech exec says the industry should expect to accommodate a multitude of Nielsen alternatives. And, says Samba TV’s Ashwin Navin, that future […]

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