LOS ANGELES – Warner Music Group today introduced WMX as a music culture media holding group to provide brands with its advanced advertising offerings. WMX reaches a global audience of more than 249 million monthly visitors, and generates about 50 billion monthly video views.

Erin Moran joined WMX as global chief revenue officer after working at technology companies including Google and Twitter. In this interview with Beet.TV, Moran describes WMX’s efforts to help advertisers reach younger audiences with its exclusive content and roster of recording artists.

“Warner Music has always been one step ahead of culture and at the forefront of creativity, especially in the way we service artists,” she said. “With an all-things music culture group, we can help artists extend their brands and to connect with fans, and also bring advertisers meaningful opportunities to resonate with the most sought-after consumers.”

WMX is part of Warner Music’s services unit for next-generation artists, which is headed by President Maria Weaver. Ben Blank leads the media unit as president of media and creative content.

Examples of WMX’s recent campaigns include a collaboration with packaged foods company General Mills to create content aimed at the tween audience. WMX also helped to develop a two-part campaign for chipmaker Intel to raise awareness among creators.

“Content has never been more important, more relevant, more at the forefront of every conversation that we’re having,” Moran said.

She will share more of her ideas as a panelist covering “The State of Streaming – What’s Next for the Advertising Ecosystem?” this week at the Beet Retreat in Santa Monica, California.

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