LOS ANGELES – Media companies have greater potential to optimize advertising sales as they capture the attention of different consumer groups. As a provider of data science and artificial intelligence solutions to video publishers and television broadcasters, Furious is part of the “connective tissue” that joins buyers and sellers in the media marketplace.

“We are a platform and a solution that connects all the delivery systems and the data that enable the entirety of the ecosystem. It’s not ad-tech. It’s not vertical. It’s horizontal,” Ashley J. Swartz, founder and chief executive of ad-tech firm Furious, said in this interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat. “We call it ‘plumbing,’ but other industries call it ‘supply chain optimization systems’ or ‘enterprise software.’ We don’t really have that in media, and the purpose of what we do is to help manage a media business for sellers.”

Media sellers can harness data to make better pricing decisions about their ad inventories to improve revenue, she said.

“The ultimate goal is the right inventory at the right time packaged the right way and the right price that delivers maximum value for every dollar spent for an advertiser,” Swartz said, “but the reality is that that can’t be done at the expense or the loss or foregoing of creating economic value for sellers.”

She defines “success” as the improvement of  business outcomes of media sellers including publishers, programmers and broadcasters.

“The idea of orchestrating a value chain and being connective tissue, success for me is creating economic value for everybody in it either by delivering more revenue or optimizing how inventory performs for a seller,” Swartz said. “If we can do that, the downstream effect is that every dollar is going to work harder for every dollar spent by every advertiser because the sellers know more about their business.”

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