Measurement Standards Will Help Support Ad Spending: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

LOS ANGELES – Viewers are dividing their time spent with video content among a wider variety of devices and platforms, challenging advertisers to measure reach and frequency more accurately. ViacomCBS supports efforts to create a cross-platform currency for the media marketplace alongside its development of its Vantage platform for advanced advertising. “Optimization, targeting – all […]


Cross-Media Currency Is Within Reach: Havas’s Diana Bernstein

LOS ANGELES – Advertisers, marketers and measurement companies agree on the need for a cross-media currency for buying and selling video advertising. However, they’ve been frustrated as the media landscape has grown more fragmented, and walled-garden environments hinder audience measurement. Diana Bernstein, executive vice president and managing director of investment at Havas Media Group, is […]


DTC Brands Embrace CTV for Ad Campaigns: NBCUniversal’s Scott Berger

LOS ANGELES – The growth in e-commerce has spawned a variety of digitally native and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. As those marketers grow, they are developing television advertising campaigns to reach a wider group of potential customers. “We’re all customers in the direct-to-consumer space. The idea of going directly to a store is no longer the […]


Forward-Looking Brands Are Focused on Ad Outcomes: Publicis’s Nicole Whitesel

LOS ANGELES – Marketers have more ways to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns with strategies that consider business outcomes. This transformation is affecting the way agencies work with clients and their media partners. “I would love to be able to spend less of my day thinking about strategic ways to work with the […]


Demand Is Growing for Free Streaming with Ads: Roku’s Julian Mintz

LOS ANGELES – Consumers are reaching their limit on how much they’re willing to pay for monthly subscriptions to streaming video services. Those budgetary constraints are pushing many of them to seek out advertising-supported platforms that are free to watch. “What we’ve found in the past few years is that free content is growing extremely […]


A Basket Of Currencies, Complete Coverage: Comscore’s Livek On The Future Of Measurement

LOS ANGELES — Bill Livek didn’t ask for much for Christmas this year – only a revolution to ensure that every TV set in every room in America is fully measured. At Beet Retreat Santa Monica in November, there was a growing belief that the TV industry, which had long depended solely on Nielsen’s panel […]


Addressability Is Going Up The Funnel: Ampersand’s Barnet

LOS ANGELES — The ability to precision-target and measure connected TV ad exposure, all the way through to metrics like website visitation or purchase, has lit up the prospect of TV becoming a digital-like performance marketing medium. But one man at the center of the medium’s evolution says the opportunity is still well serving brand-building […]


From Quality To Quantity: How Conviva Became A Video Measurement Powerhouse

LOS ANGELES — When is a stream not a stream? When the streams are played by viewers using a plethora of different devices. That creates a measurement problem for streaming platforms and their advertisers. But one company that has been monitoring streaming quality for two decades says it has the answer. In this video interview […]


Europe Is Forming New Alliances To Control Its TV Ad Data Destiny: RTL’s Coruble

LOS ANGELES — It is already a federation of nations. Could Europe now also form an alliance to unify online TV viewer data for advertisers? Stéphane Coruble hopes so. As CEO of RTL AdConnect, the ad sales division of RTL Group, he has already been responsible for helping start a continent-wide joint approach to advanced […]


‘Cross-Platform Measurement Is Ready’: NBCUniversal’s Kelly Abcarian

LOS ANGELES — The television industry is grappling with significant changes in the way viewership is measured, including greater emphasis on how advertising campaigns drive business outcomes. With consumers splitting their time among a wider variety of screens, cross-platform measurement has become a bigger priority. Amid these developments, NBCUniversal this year undertook a major effort […]


Why AI Is Needed For Context’s Heavy Lifting: Comcast’s Nunn

LOS ANGELES — The theory: the new-look TV ad business can look a lot like digital, significantly automated. The reality: so many Excel sheets still pushed between buyers and sellers. In this video interview with Furious Corp CEO Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat Santa Monica, Richard Nunn, VP & GM, Advertising Suite, Comcast […]


Media Buyers, Sellers Are ‘Frustrated with Status Quo’ of Measurement: VideoAmp’s Michael Parkes

LOS ANGELES — Media companies and buyers of their TV advertising inventories for years have sought improvements in audience measurement. The need became greater when the pandemic spurred a sudden shift in viewing habits to streamed video. “People are frustrated with the status quo and actively looking for change,” Michael Parkes, president of media measurement […]


CTV Propels Need for ‘Creative Agility’ in Ads: Origin’s Fred Godfrey

LOS ANGELES — The growing audience for video on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones is pushing advertisers to adapt their media strategies. Marketers are more receptive to innovation than they had been as recently as a few years ago as viewers spend more time watching connected TV (CTV). “As the world of […]


The Danger Of TV’s New Walled Gardens: Unruly’s Sottile

LOS ANGELES — Whilst smart TVs these days are beginning to report viewing behavior to ad platforms, a more recent trend has seen the platform owners hold onto it as a differentiating asset. That worries many in the industry that are excited by the smart TV targeting opportunity but who want to be able to […]


A Currency For Every Category: Samba TV’s Navin

LOS ANGELES — It used to be so simple. Nielsen’s meter panel was the single gold standard by which the industry measured TV viewing. In the connected TV era, many are coming to think that is no longer desirable. The flip side, however, could be the unleashing of countless new currencies on an industry already […]


You Are What You App: Why Mobile Drives TV Targeting, According To Sabio

LOS ANGELES — The new world of connected TV allows advertisers a back-flow of information that can accurately measure results or drive new targeting decisions. But what if the best TV targeting data wasn’t TV data at all. In this video interview with Mediatel Events director Justin Lebbon for Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat Santa Monica, Aziz […]


Unifying Inventory Is Key CTV Buyer Challenge: Experian’s Danaher

LOS ANGELES — It may be more commonly thought of as the company that compiles your credit history but, in the new media era, Experian is carving out a role for itself as the bridge between islands of ad data. In this video interview with Mediatel Events director Justin Lebbon for Beet.TV, Brad Danaher, Managing Director, […]


Agencies Should Look Closer At FAST’s Middle Tier: TripleLift’s Shields

After a “golden” era of connected, subscription TV, a new wave of ad-supported service is emerging – but ad buyers need to catch up. That is the view of one ad-tech exec working on ushering in new formats and new ad currencies. In this video interview with Beet.TV, TripleLift’s Michael Shields explains how the opportunity […]


TV Market Needs Next-Generation Standards: Comcast’s Pooja Midha

LOS ANGELES – The increasingly fragmented media market is challenging marketers to find ways to measure the performance of their campaigns and find the best value from their ad buys. Media companies that compete for those dollars can help the market to grow by cooperating on common standards for metrics, attribution, interoperability and privacy-compliant identifiers. […]


Consumer Data Have Bigger Role in Context, Content: Univision’s Dan Aversano

LOS ANGELES – Content producers and distributors have more ways than ever before to reach audiences with programming. Data about those consumers are valuable for advertisers as they develop their media plans, especially as audiences splinter among more connected TV (CTV) choices. “The fragmentation that’s being created within CTV starts with the consumer, because they […]

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