First-Party Data Provide Best Audience Identifiers: Innovid’s Tal Chalozin

LOS ANGELES – The growing audience for video content on web-connected devices has prompted many marketers to run more advertising on streaming services. The transition from traditional linear television to connected TV (CTV) had been gradual before the pandemic triggered a surge in demand from consumers who spend more time at home. “We’ve been betting […]


Of Cats & Context: Consumers Define Their Own ‘Premium’, ENGINE’s Schiller Says

LOS ANGELES — The major selling point of connected TV ad capability is targeting individual viewers or households based off actual viewing data. But what if that practice were just a house of cards? In this video interview with Denise Colella for Beet.TV, Scott Schiller, Global Chief Commercial Officer, ENGINE, says ad industry executives fail […]


‘I’ve Automated Myself’: Cadent’s Power Creates Self-Serve Efficiencies For TV Traders

LOS ANGELES — She spent several years at the world’s largest media agency, GroupM, so few people know the frustrations of media buyers better than Jamie Power. That’s why she is now helping agencies and publishers alike gain more efficiency for themselves, through workflow automation. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Power, Chief […]


AVOD Will Dominate in Streaming Wars: Samsung Ads’ Karl Meyer

LOS ANGELES – People who hoped to save some money by canceling their cable or satellite service and switching to streaming are seeing more premium content go behind subscription paywalls. That makes free programming on ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services appealing to a wide group of consumers. “Free is free. It’s liberating. It’s what […]


Agnosticism & Privacy At Speed: InfoSum’s Cestaro On The Data-Sharing Challenge

Marketers and publishers want to heed the new audience privacy imperative – but they also want to be able to connect and overlay audience datasets to make their targeting offering better. In that troublesome space has emerged a new class of software product – the “clean room”, or “safe haven”. In this video interview with […]


Beyond Point Solutions: Mediaocean’s Gupta Targets Three-Layered TV Ad Efficiency

LOS ANGELES — When you already facilitate a gargantuan chunk of media spending, any improvements you make to the platform could yield huge results. That is the place at which Mediaocean finds itself. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer, Mediaocean, explains the areas his company is focused on improving for 2022. […]


How Programmatic Plays Differently On TV: Magnite’s Buckley

LOS ANGELES — It’s programmatic, but not as we know it. The technology commonly used to run automated, auction-based digital display advertising has come to connected TV – but, in this space, the same rules don’t apply. In this video interview with The Project X Institute executive director Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, CTV chief […]


Unifying Linear TV and CTV Drives Value for Brands: Amobee’s Nick Brien

LOS ANGELES – The growing fragmentation of the media landscape amid the proliferation of video apps for connected devices adds to the challenge for marketers that seek to reach consumers. Taking a unified approach to these digital video outlets and traditional linear television is the best way for brands to derive greater value from their […]


The Future Of Measurement Is Multi-Layered: Samba TV’s Magel

LOS ANGELES – Once upon a time, measuring TV ads was straightforward, if not terribly effective. Now, the increasing likelihood is that the practice will be owned by every actor in the system and will mean far higher accuracy. That is the vision according to Kris Magel, VP and head of agency development at Samba […]


Multiscreen TV Drives Changes in Ad Sales: Comcast’s Pooja Midha

LOS ANGELES – With the television marketplace growing more fragmented as viewers split their time among a wider selection of video content providers, sellers of advertising are adjusting their strategies to capture a bigger share of media dollars. Providing solutions for advertisers that are seeking data-driven, audience-based targeting with their growing programmatic buyers are a […]


Content Identifiers Help to Spur Large-Scale Ad Reach: IRIS.TV’s Field Garthwaite

LOS ANGELES – The growing popularity of streaming video is giving advertisers another way to reach millions of U.S. consumers who watch a broader variety of on-demand programming. Marketers want to ensure that their messaging appears next to content that’s not only relevant to target audiences, but also is brand-safe. “Core to measurement is content […]


Explosion After Inertia: FreeWheel’s Clark On Advanced TV Evolution

LOS ANGELES — Don’t call it the foxtrot, but the revolution leading to the future in TV ad sales may be a case of “slow, slow, quick-quick, slow”. In this recorded interview with Denise Colella, ex NBCUniversal SVP, Advanced Advertising and Data, at Beet Retreat, Dave Clark, General Manager, FreeWheel, predicts a profound up-ending in […]


OpenAP’s New XPm Brings Cross-Platform Deduplication To TV, CEO Levy Says

LOS ANGELES — At this point, the clamor from ad buyers for unified TV buying and measurement has reached fever pitch. Into that maelstrom, and just in time for Christmas, US advanced TV consortium OpenAP is launching XPm, a cross-platform measurement framework designed to reduce duplicated ad exposure. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers […]


TV Consumption Will Grow Across Platforms: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

LOS ANGELES – The cost of viewer impressions shouldn’t be the only thing that marketers consider when buying advertising on broadcast networks. Compelling content that engages audiences in a brand-safe environment not only provides better context for ads, but also helps to avoid the pitfalls of running programmatic ads in the murkier parts of social […]


Getting Media Channels to Work Together for Marketers Is Key Priority: Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

LOS ANGELES – Marketers face challenges in attaining reach and frequency goals for their advertising campaigns as consumers divide their time among a wider variety of media channels. They also seek improvements in addressability and measurement to ensure they’re driving business outcomes. Web services company Yahoo is investing in cross-channel measurement to help marketers understand […]


Brands Want TV Makers To Share ‘Whole-House’ Viewing Data: Essence’s Fisher

LOS ANGELES — It is an irony of the modern media age that, in an era of abundant data, so much of it remains out of reach. That leaves agencies like Essence striving to knit together solutions for advertisers using the data streams they can get their hands on. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike […]


‘We’re Not Planning Linear-First’ for Next Upfront: Omnicom Media Group’s Kelly Metz

LOS ANGELES – The massive shift in television viewing habits during the pandemic has led advertisers to explore ways to reach audiences through connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. As marketers prepare for the next upfront sales season, they’re more focused on finding opportunities to engage consumers through connected TV (CTV) platforms. “We’re […]


Video Headwinds Bring Agency, Measurement Changes: Samba TV’s Belaidi

LOS ANGELES — It is a fast-changing media environment, and the latest trends suggest that change shows little sign of abating. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Samba TV US sales VP Alex Belaidi describes key drivers re-shaping ad sales. Belaidi begins by depicting two main trends. The way the wind blows […]


Context Is Rebooted For CTV: IRIS.TV’s Hyden

LOS ANGELES — Contextual targeting is nothing new. In fact, you could say the new limitations on audience identification are driving the industry back to the old practice of content adjacency. However, what has become standard practice for web articles is a different ballgame for streaming TV. In this video interview with Beet.TV, IRIS.TV co-founder […]


Dwindling Ad Supply Drives Need for Innovative Formats: GroupM’s Adam Gerber

LOS ANGELES – Marketers face numerous challenges in reaching the growing number of consumers who divide their time among media outlets that carry advertising and those that don’t. The demand for consumer attention calls for more innovation in ad formats among different kinds of programming, said Adam Gerber, executive director of investment strategy at WPP’s […]

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