The migration of viewers from traditional linear television to streaming platforms like Hulu and the Roku Channel is pushing brands to divide their advertising budgets among a wider group of media outlets. Their spending is expected to grow, though they will want greater transparency into the connected TV (CTV) marketplace.

“Buyers don’t have transparency into where their ads are getting placed, specifically where their ads are being placed onto what content,” Field Garthwaite, co-founder and chief executive of video data platform IRIS.TV, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “Brand safety and contextual targeting is 100% available, pretty much, of impressions in display, but it hasn’t been available for connected TV and video until this year.”

His company in April raised $18 million in funding from a group of investors led by Intel Capital, the venture funding arm of the semiconductor giant. IRIS.TV is using the funding to expand its range of services and technologies to help advertisers gain greater insights into ad targeting and brand safety on connected video platforms.

Garthwaite will present more of his ideas at a session titled “The Power of Context + Data in the Advanced TV Ad Market” at the Beet Retreat, which will be held in Santa Monica, California, on November 17-19.

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