LOS ANGELES – The growing fragmentation of the media landscape amid the proliferation of video apps for connected devices adds to the challenge for marketers that seek to reach consumers. Taking a unified approach to these digital video outlets and traditional linear television is the best way for brands to derive greater value from their media buys.

“When we’re focusing on unification, it’s because we believe that’s the best way to drive optimization,” Nick Brien, chief executive of marketing technology company Amobee, said in this interview with Ashley J. Swartz, founder and chief executive of Furious, at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat.

Brien is a seasoned advertising executive whose background includes leadership roles at Dentsu, McCann Worldgroup, IPG Mediabrands and Leo Burnett UK. In his job as CEO of Amobee, he’s working on harnessing technology and data to deliver better value for marketers, while being mindful of the consumer experience.

“Consumers’ view as people, and how they’re such a critical part of the equation, and how are they being respected in that regard? We are actively focusing on, ‘What does that mean? What would that benefit be?’” he said. “We are able to ingest those [consumer data] and integrate them so we can find a way we’re moving beyond price, and focusing on value. The value has got to be, ‘I’m spending less, and I’m getting more.’”

He said he expects significant improvements to ad optimization with deeper integration of consumer data and ad performance.

“It is going to get so much better,” Brien said. “We are being very progressive with the companies we want to work with to make sure that we can continually focus on an outcome-based performance.”

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