LOS ANGELES — It is a fast-changing media environment, and the latest trends suggest that change shows little sign of abating.

In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Samba TV US sales VP Alex Belaidi describes key drivers re-shaping ad sales.

Belaidi begins by depicting two main trends.

The way the wind blows

Agency restructuring: Belaidi says agency buyers are now breaking out their investment and activation functions, breaking down the silo between programmatic and direct insertion orders.

Earlier insights: Pandemic-era audience behavior shifts have prompted a thirst to understand consumers better, sooner.

“There’s been a lot more appetite, creating a demand and a need for the learning agendas, the insights and KPIs of a campaign being brought far more up the funnel in terms of the planning process,” Belaidi thinks.


Belaidi’s Samba TV has software embedded in smart TV devices from 24 companies, giving it insight on “46 million addressable TV devices globally powering the world’s largest end-to-end viewership data and household identity graph”, according to the company.

After initially just offering access to viewing data from automatic content recognition (ACR), the company has expanded its offering. This summer, it launched its own SambaID. Now the company has two currencies of its own.

The company recently made headlines by issuing viewing data, including counting 1.9 million US households that watched Dune during its early release on HBO Max.

Real-time by default

“Measurement is no longer a nice to have,” Belaidi says. “We can’t any longer expect, with all the accelerated change in behaviour and consumption, that what we’re planning for today is going to be necessarily true months from now.

“Real-time measurement is a table stake, which is really exciting because then I think you start to get a lot more meaningful conversation earlier on in the process.

“Anything touching the glass of the TV is something that then can be used to understand a current exposure.”

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