LOS ANGELES – With the television marketplace growing more fragmented as viewers split their time among a wider selection of video content providers, sellers of advertising are adjusting their strategies to capture a bigger share of media dollars. Providing solutions for advertisers that are seeking data-driven, audience-based targeting with their growing programmatic buyers are a bigger priority.

“Those are the drivers, now, and they’re different than they were in the past, and that’s what we all need to drive solutions for, scale our teams for and actually structure ourselves around,” Pooja Midha, chief growth officer at Comcast Advertising, said in this discussion with advanced advertising and data expert Denise Colella at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat.

“Related to that is managing revenue and yield really holistically, mixing together indirect and direct, programmatic and traditional, and thinking about how you maximize across,” Midha said.

Comcast is investing in its various advertising platforms including FreeWheel and Effectv to provide outcome-based solutions for marketers.

“We have to make it simple, and we have to make it accessible,” Midha said. “That’s what’s going to help the marketers that we serve transform their business, but we have to be there to help them through it.”

“We’re in a multiscreen world,” she said. “Bringing together that knowledge set, and making sure that customers understand what’s in it for them, and sellers understand how to speak to it in a sophisticated manner and how to build solutions that are taking all that into account is really important.”

Extending Diversity to Belonging

Among its programs to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Comcast supports She Runs It, which formerly was known as Advertising Women of New York (AWNY). The nonprofit aims to support professional development for women as business leaders.

Comcast has extended the DEI acronym to include the letter “B,” which stands for belonging, Midha said. It also has a program called “Interview Allies” that participate in the hiring process to guard against unconscious biases in selecting new employees. Similarly, it has an internal ally network for existing workers.

The program has “trained employees that can essentially help them navigate internally, because that’s a hard thing in these really big companies,” she said.

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