Nielsen’s Bradford: TV Buyers Now Borrowing From Online Metrics Playbook

LONDON — When it comes to content, digital media used to be seen as the poor relation to television. But, when it comes to measuring content, it’s TV that’s now imitating the web, says a Nielsen executive. “One of the most int trends we’re seeing at the moment in Europe is the extent to which […]


SMG’s Easterbrook: ‘Mobile-First’ Is Becoming Redundant

LONDON — There comes a point in the life of every buzz phrase when it knows the writing is on the wall. Has that time already come for “mobile-first”, the industry’s recent recognition that mobile devices are now the primary content consumption spaces for many consumers? “This idea of putting ‘mobile first’ is starting to […]


Videology’s Eisenstein: Programmatic Is Broad And Getting Bigger

LONDON — “Programmatic” ad-buying, so much talked about through 2013 yet apparently so misunderstood, may be giving way to a clear and flexible definition of the practices it encompasses. Videology global accounts director Jana Eisenstein tells Beet.TV: “Our definition of ‘programmatic’ is automating media buying,  integrating supply and demand, making decisions in real-time and optimizing against […]


SMG’s James: Big Data Fuels Real-Time Creativity

LONDON — The best way for brands to exploit the real-time marketing opportunity is with a combination of copious amounts of data and a healthy dose of new-wave creativity, says ad group Starcom MediaVest Group’s EMEA chief digital officer. “Real-time marketing is becoming a part of what we do on a day-to-day basis – we […]


SMG’s Hocking: TV Is The ‘Trailer’ For Multi-Screen Campaigns

LONDON — In a multi-screen advertising universe, what’s the role of TV anymore? First amongst many but merely the seed for all, says one digital ad boss. “Our approach is integrated screen planning – we see all TV screen content as video,” SMG’s EMEA director of performance marketing and mobile development Richard Hocking tells Beet.TV. “The traditional […]


SMG’s Baylon: TV Caution Means Two-Tier Ad Market

LONDON — Ad traders are adjusting to what they see as a two-speed video advertising ecosystem, as broadcasters are slower to adopt new-wave data-driven ad targeting techniques see in online. “TV has a very successful model,” SMG UK digital trading director John Baylon tells Beet.TV. They need to be very careful about not disrupting that […]


YuMe’s Lyonette: For Video Ads, “Size Doesn’t Matter”

LONDON — Bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, when it comes to video advertising, smaller screens perform better than big, says YuMe UK Country  Manager Paul Lyonette. Having commissioned research via Decipher and IPG Labs, Lyonette tells Beet.TV: “The size of a screen doesn’t necessarily correlate to the effectiveness of the advertising. People will spend as […]


BBC Plans To Launch More #BBCtrending Channels

LONDON — It’s barely been three weeks since the BBC’s global news division launched a new video and text strand to cover news of, with and for the heartbeat of social media platforms. Now it already plans to launch further spin-offs. #BBCtrending is an initiative to reflect issues surfaced in social platforms and to take […]


VivaKi’s Bertozzi: Clean Up The Big Ad Views Fraud

LONDON — How many users really viewed your video ads last week? Guess again – the number may be lower than you think, thanks to unscrupulous publishers who play videos out of view or without consumers even asking. “Fifty percent of ads, apparently, in display aren’t seen,” Publicis’ VivaKi EMEA MD Marco Bertozzi tells Beet.TV in this […] Sees Programmatic Help Broadcasters Increase Ad Rates

LONDON — Amongst the broadcasters on AOL’s client roster, the BBC’s revenue-making arm has begun to sell some of its online video advertising using a programmatic system to attract higher bids. “If you’re dealing with a fixed-price IO (insertion order) business all the time, it’s very difficult to increase the rate,”‘s EMEA MD Brian […]


InMobi’s Sarofian: Digital Marketing In ‘The Era Of You’

Mobile media are intensely personal. So how do marketers configured for an age of demographic targeting reach and switch on consumers nowadays? InMobi brands executive director Stephanie Sarofian‘s light bulb moment came after reading a recent US census. “Not only have families changed… the way people act, their interests, their behaviors, the way they buy […]


Time Inc To Launch Mobile Video Content Channel

Soon to be spun out from Time Warner, magazine publisher Time Inc will launch a mobile-specific video brand by year’s end. “You’ll see something from over the next four to six weeks – a video-only offering in mobile,” company video SVP J.R. McCabe told Beet.TV’s cross-platform monetization summit, hosted by Starcom MediaVest and sponsored by Dailymotion. “Mobile […]


Innovid’ Chalozin: Fragmented Future Adds Up To “Awesome Audience”

Don’t bet that the future of digital video advertising platforms will be any less fragmented than it is already. “It will continue to be more fragmented, there will be tons of different ways to consume television,” Innovid CTO Tal Chalozin told Beet.TV’s cross-platform monetization summit, hosted by Starcom MediaVest and sponsored by Dailymotion. “People are watching Crackle […]


Dailymotion To Crack Mobile Programmatic In Next Few Weeks

Video platform Dailymotion will soon be offering ad buyers programmatic purchase of advertising delivered through its mobile channels. Appearing at Beet.TV’s cross-platform monetization summit, hosted by Starcom MediaVest and sponsored by Dailymotion, north America SVP Roland Hamilton was asked whether the service supported programmatic plus mobile. “It will,” he said. “We’ll be announcing some integration in […]


“NowThis News” Puts Micro Marketing Video On Giant Mall Screens

Pretty quietly this year, a news startup has crept up that, unlike large incumbent publishers, is producing news specifically for millennials’ short attention spans – in quick-fire mobile videos posted through Vine and Instagram. Now NowThis News is beaming this micro mobile content on to hundreds of screens in malls and college campuses – and […]


Weather Company’s Hadley: “Location Is The New Cookie”

Can rain drops be used to market raincoats? Weather Company SVP Eric Hadley thinks so. The outfit is using its weather data apps to help advertisers target campaigns in interesting new ways, he told Beet.TV’s summit on cross-platform monetization hosted by Starcom MediaVest Group and sponsored by Dailymotion. “Location is the new cookie,” Hadley said. “If you want the […]


Nielsen’s Feigenson: Best Campaigns Mix Numbers And Emotions

Marketers must mix the best of both left and right brains to make for the best execution, panelists said at Beet.TV’s summit on cross-platform monetization hosted by Starcom MediaVest Group and sponsored by Dailymotion. Asked by moderator Ashley Swartz of Furious Minds whether marketers are using quantitative or qualitative methods to judge campaigns, guests emphatically said: both! […]


VivaKi Taps Vindico To Validate Video Ad Views

If a tree falls in a forest but no-one’s around to hear it, has it really made a sound? That’s the question Publicis will try to answer in video marketing, by establishing whether online videos played back have really been viewed by humans at screens. The agency’s VivaKi digital group is contracting Vindicio’s Adtricity as its […]


Vimeo Fast-Forwards Mobile Video Updates

It’s barely a couple of months since video platform Vimeo updated its iOS app with some nifty new features – and now more are imminently coming down the pipe. Vimeo president Dae Mellencamp tells Beet.TV the company upgraded its app for iOS 7 to include AirDrop sharing and instant playback even when users’ mobiles have […]


Forrester’s Nail: Online Will Kill The DVR

We’re not there yet, but the days of the digital video recorder (DVR) are numbered, according to Forrester’s principal analyst covering online TV and advertising. “Up to this point, the DVR has been main alternative to linear television – it has trained consumers to get whatever they want whenever they want it,” Jim Nail tells […]

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