LONDON — The new-wave automated decisioning for digital ad spending has come a long way in the last two years. But is the party about to end?

“As programmatic increases in its success, as it really ramps up, it will become a slight victim of its success – some of those things that it’s subordinated will surface,” says Nielsen media client consulting VP Andrew Bradford.

“Programmatic has brought granularity, efficiency to the buying process, behavioral targeting,”  – but it’s subordinated some of the things it was happy to trade off…

“We have issues around measuring people. There are issues around Europe in terms of the risk of privacy regulation to the collection and targeting of personal identifying information.”

Bradford says “existing online metrics don’t work very well in an econometric model” and advocates the addition of advertising-measuring metrics that understand people, like Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings system.

A report just published by Nielsen (via AllThingsD) shows how booming U.S. on-demand viewing adds up to healthy overall TV viewing despite a small dip in live viewing.

This video was recorded  at the Beet.TV programmatic video leadership summit sponsored by Videology, hosted by Xaxis at the London offices of GroupM.