They may be considered different media, but internet and TV advertising are getting joined at the hip.

Case in point is how knowledge of TV viewing habits is increasingly informing the online component of multi-channel ad campaigns.

Kantar Media chief commercial officer Bud Breheney tells Beet.TV Kantar’s data about Americans’ TV tuning behavior is being used by WPP stablemate Xaxis to plan smarter digital ad campaigns.

“We know what households have been exposed to commercials,” Breheney says. “We’ve looked at people that have low television usage. Xaxis can then target a campaign for people that are light TV viewers.”

Equally, data showing moderate and heavy TV viewers can also help plan ad buys, helping Xaxis double-down on reaching viewers who may already have been exposed to certain brand ads, for example.

Kantar is also busy beefing up the TV tuning data with other types, recently adding a new partner for doing so. “We’ve matched CPG (consumer packaged goods) data with TV tuning, we’ve matched automotive purchase data,” Breheney says. “Now we are bringing in American Express category spending data in with television tuning data. We’ll bring that out to market in early first quarter of 2014.”

This segment was recorded at the Beet.TV leadership summit on television and programmatic advertising hosted by Xaxis and sponsored by Videology.