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Esther Dyson, one of the most insightful observers of technology, has just started to blog for the Huffington Post.    More than just an observer, she has had a profound effect on the evolution of the Internet as a past chairman of ICANN, the organization that manages the world’s Internet domains.

She was editor of the tech insider bible Release 1.0, a paid newsletter. She was the longtime organizer of PC Forum, the super exclusive technology summit. 

Now her insights and observations and access to the who’s who of technology is free and open to all of us.  It’s called Release .9  Check out this post about online video start-ups.   

Dyson sold her business to CNET a couple years back and late last year left CNET to pursue an independent course. She is sitting on about ten boards of directors and starting to blog. (Late last year, CNET sold Release 1.0 to O’Reilly publishing.)

She told us about her plans this past Sunday at a little gathering at the Beet.TV offices in Manhattan.  Newsweek’s Steven Levy joined our conversation — he recently launched a blog, this one timed to the publication of his new book about the iPod called The Perfect Thing.

Earlier today, I spoke with Jimmy Guterman who was recently named by Tim O’Reilly as editor of Release 1.0.   Jimmy was editor of the much missed Media Grok column from the Industry Standard.  More recently, he was editor of the short-lived Forrester Magazine, a superb quarterly about business strategy.  (My PR firm, Plesser Holland represented Forrester for the magazine launch.  We presently represent CNET Networks).

Jimmy tells me he plans to publish his first version of Release 1.0 in February.  Good luck, Jimmy — and congrats on the new gig.  btw:  Jimmy also knows a lot about rock ‘n roll — have published a really great book about Bruce Springsteen, Runaway American Dream.  Rock on, Jimmy!


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