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Here’s my second interview with Anil Dash, evangelist for Six Apart, the biggest blog software company.

Anil explains something basic and essential: successful blogging brings high search recognition on Google, referred to by some as "Google Juice."

Having content that can be found by Google is key to building an audience, influence and business. A blog platform that is dynamic with links and referrals is an effective way to be seen by Google.

And the more you publish, the more Google recognizes the authority of a blog — thus the "juice" goes up. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel devote a chapter to this topic in their book Naked Conversations.

I am pleased to say that Beet.TV’s Google Juice is getting pretty strong. Although we don’t have tons of traffic, about 20,000 page views per month, our influence is growing. If you look up "Krazr phone" on Google, we’re right up there.  Or, look up William Randolph Hearst III.  Scroll down these pages and you should find entries for Beet.TV appearances.

Having videos in these blog entries makes video searchable through Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Technorati and others. This is very cool.

Andy Plesser

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