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This is the last installment of my interview with Anil Dash, Evangelist and marketing guru at Six Apart, the largest blog software company.  (Beet.TV is published on Six Apart’s TypePad platform.)

Anil is an "agnostic" evangelist when it comes to video blogging.  He likes the idea of mixed media — using just text, and incorporating video when it’s useful. 

He likes the Google Reader Blog and thinks it’s a particularly good example of a blog that mixes media effectively. 

Here’s tip: If you have a blog, you can easily add video by scraping the embed code from videos you like on YouTube, Google Video, Revver and many other sources. Just paste that code into your post.  In TypePad, you need to shift to "edit in HTML" to make this happen.  Presto.  It’s that simple.

Andy Plesser

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