Mainstream media has no choice but to reinvent itself.  The New York Times is undertaking some very un-Times-like enterprises with spunky videoblogs by the likes of David Pogue and media critic David Carr.  The Washington Post is doing some innovative work with online video as is ZDNet.

Carr is the author of the Carpetbagger, a blog published in the weeks leading up the Oscars.  David posts several times a day and publishes a video package about once a week.

I caught up with him earlier this week in Times Square as he was setting out to cover the National Board of Review gala nearby.  His video of the evening has just been posted.  It’s a lot of fun.

We had time to chat about mainstream media embracing video blogging and consumer generated content.  He explains his approach to “video reporting” which is not at all slick — it’s just straight “video reporting” as he calls it.  We think it works really well.


Here’s David interviewing Clint Eastwood in Manhattan on Tuesday night at the National Board of Review gala.

Andy Plesser

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