I caught up with Noah Gellman of the AlwaysOn Network at the Streaming Media East conference in New York.  Noah keeps a close eye on technology trends as one of the key programmers of the AlwaysOn conferences. 

Noah thinks that P2P will be continue to grow as bigger video files will be distributed.  We agree.

We also spoke about the upcoming AlwaysOn conference on the Stanford campus late next month.  One of the highlights of the conference will be the selection of the AlwaysOn 100.  From past lists, there are many great small companies in the 100.  Noah told me that past members of the "club" have done well: some 25 percent have had successful exist strategies.  I believe that there is still room for nominations.  So, if you are interested getting your or another company nominated, contact Noah pronto. 

And, yes, Beet.TV will be in Palo Alto for the conference. Wouldn’t miss it.

— Andy Plesser

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