New tools for creating search tools and analytics have just been released by Truveo, the AOL unit.

AOL bought the innovative online search technology firm last year. AOL is putting a great deal of focus and resources around search and is making Truveo a big player not just on the AOL properties, but on many websites.

Earlier this month, I spoke with AOL video chief Fred McIntyre about the importance of video search at AOL. He told me that free API’s for video search are being used by over 300 developers.

Today, the company is releasing a new batch of API’s including new analytic tools that track how videos are found. That’s very cool. Here’s the Truveo developers page.

Here’s some information from the press release:   

* Rich Suite of Developer APIs – Truveo’s Web APIs and developer tools are available in a variety of languages to integrate easily with a wide range of partner applications and websites.

* Industrial Strength Performance – Truveo’s leading technology platform now delivers improved response time and relevance, making it ideal for powering high-traffic, performance-intensive video search applications.

* New Reporting Dashboards – Truveo’s partner tools feature a new suite of reporting dashboards enabling website operators to measure and understand user traffic patterns, user engagement, popular search queries, popular video channels, as well as overall API performance.

— Andy Plesser

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