The Washington Post has been doing pioneering work in online video since 1999.  Recently, video has become more visible on the with a prominent video player on the home page — and video clips integrated onto many news pages.

Tom Kennedy, managing editor multimedia has been leading the video effort at the Post.  Tom is an award-winning photographer and editor and his aesthetics around online video are different that most broadcast journalists. 

I was in the paper’s digital newsroom last week to catch up with Tom about his creative approach and trends in content distribution.   

He is a big fan of Apple TV and says that the paper is providing more downloads of clips than streams.  To provide suitable quality for downloads, the Post shoots and edits nearly all its video in HD.  Tom says that these files look great on a big screen TV set – and he believes more and more video produced by the newspaper will be watched in the living room.   Stay tuned.

— Andy Plesser

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