There’s been quite a hubub over the just-announced video player from RealNetworks that allows users to download the major online video file formats.

We asked Microsoft what they thought of the plan and they were quite positive.  He’s what a Microsoft spokesperson told Beet.TV

“Real Networks is a valued partner of Microsoft, and we’re pleased to see that they’re releasing an updated version of their player that will work seamlessly with Windows and supports the WMV format.”

Of course WMV files have considerably more DRM than Flash files, so Microsoft might feel more secure.  However,  some big players in Flash are very positive.  Revver’s Steven Starr told me the new player is "good for all of us." 

Real is taking some knocks it the blogesphere for some past missteps.  But the company is committed to setting things right.  You should read the comments of Real’s Ben Rotholtz, General Manager of Web Services and Syndication, right here on the purple channel. 

More to come later today on this story.  Check back.

— Andy Plesser

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