Yesterday, I was at the Washington Post where I spent time with Tom Kennedy, the visionary managing editor for multi-media.  We’ll be publishing excerpts of my interviews over the next week or so.

Tom is a big believer in producing and distributing high quality video files. He has shifted the video production operation at the Post to HD.  He says that users are downloading video in numbers greater that those who watch streams.  He told me that the Post is very happy with how the paper’s videos look on Apple TV.   More on this later.

This leads me to Pando and my interview with Laird Popkin and Yaron Samid.  Pando is a downloadable application for senders and downloaders of big files.  The files are distributed through P2P protocol.  Yaron told me that Pando has provided 7 million installations in just 12 months.

Pando works well.  Here at Beet.TV, we use it to send large files to editors and associates.  There are ways that polishers can directly embed a code for big file right onto a blog or Web page.

Whether Pando capitalizes on the distribution of big video files or the CDN companies, it’s hard to say.  What is very clear is that the quality of online video is going to improve and those files are going to get bigger.  Someone’s gonna have to move this stuff.

OMG: Thank You Robert Scoble!  Wow

Not sure if you saw, it but Robert Scoble just listed his his top 35 blog feeds from the month.  Beet.TV came in at #21.  Wow, how thrilling.  Robert, thank you so much for your interest in Beet.TV. 

ScobleIt was just a year ago that I first broke the news of Robert leaving Microsoft and the that marked the first acknowledgment of Beet.TV what year! Here’s a photo of me, Robert his son Patrick taken our pal Dan Farber.  It was taken at the Vloggercon conference in San Francisco one year ago.

— Andy Plesser

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