Here’s the problem: All video sharing sites are silos. For publishers wanting to publish video on multiple sites with proper metadata, the task is monumental. 

I understand that Ford Models, which publishes on at least 6 platforms including a hugely successful YouTube channel, employs a team of 10 to just keep all those channels current and properly managed.

We do this with Google Video and YouTube and will be launching more channels of Beet.TV over the summer. Since we don’t have the big bucks, I’m enlisting a bunch college freshmen friends of my daughter Becky as interns to do the tedious job. It’s grunt work, for sure.  But it will look good on their resumes!

Boston-based Maven Networks could make this is a lot easier with a tool that allows publishers to simultaneously publish on multiple sites.

At Streaming Media East, we caught up with Grant Stratemeyer, Director of Sales Operations and Alliances at Maven.

Grant explains the syndication tool.  Another product he describes is the "white box" publishing solution for publishers and broadcasters. The company has recently launched a very snazzy player for Spanish broadcasting giant Univision.  Grant gives us a tour.

We will give Maven a shot in syndicating our clips.  But, my daughter and her buddies will be grinding through the Beet.TV archives of 300 videos and related posts the old fashioned way.

— Andy Plesser

(Note:  The dark image on the player is a temporary glitch. Hit play and you will see the video just fine.)

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