Last year’s TechCrunch Winner Raised $17 Million in Funding, Saw Swarm of Media Coverage

The success of leading personal finance Web site since its win at TechCrunch40 last year gives some idea of what might be in store for this year’s winner, Yammer. The real prize, or course, isn’t the $50,000–it’s the publicity.


TechCrunch50 Runner-up FitBit Tracks Activities with Wearable Sensor

TechCrunch awarded five jury selection prizes at the TechCrunch50 conference yesterday in addition to the top prize, which was awarded to Yammer. FitBit’s discreet activity-tracking gadget, to go on sale this December exclusively on the company’s Web site, earned the company one of the runner-up spots.


Yammer Wins TechCrunch50 with Twitter-like Product for Businesses

Yammer, a Twitter-like microblogging tool for businesses, won the top TechCrunch50 prize of $50,000, TechCrunch announced yesterday. I spoke with CEO David Sacks about the company after he presented on Monday, and he told me that it was "really cool" that judge "Marc Benioff said he liked it the best." Benioff, the CEO of, […]


Google to Share Majority of Ad Sales around Newspaper Archival Content; 100 Newspapers are Participating, Marissa Mayer tells Beet.TV

SAN FRANCISCO — Today at the TechCrunch50 conference, Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google, announced Google’s plans to make scanned newspaper archives searchable through Google News. Over 100 newspapers are available at the product’s launch today, Marissa told me in an interview after her session.


Hip Hop Artist Consequence Builds Grassroots Celebrity Status Online

The hip hop artist Consequence, who released his debut album "Don’t Quit Your Day Job" with Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D Music last year, is building his grassroots celebrity status online, he says. His Kyte channel "ConsTV" has received 1.4 million hits and his Web site, started in the Winter of 2007, will be finsihed […] Sets New Traffic Record During Democratic National Convention, Network Says

More online viewers watched coverage of the Barack Obama acceptance speech and coverage of the Democratic National Convention on August 29 on than any other news site, including CNN, the company announced today, citing Nielsen Online numbers.


Nielsen’s New Out-of-Home TV Rating System Uses Cell Phones to Track Viewing

Nielsen teamed with Integrated Media Mesurement Inc. to create the first out-of-home national television rating system, the companies announced yesterday. IMMI uses cell phones to measure consumers’ media consumption wherever they happen to be, making it possible to track viewing in locations like gyms, offices, and bars.


First series of “Pink” to Premiere on The WB’s New Website

The first blockbuster web series has yet to be born, as Brian Stelter observed in his “New York Times” article Sunday, but there are plenty of content creators trying to change that. Santa Monica-based web production company Generate launched the political satire web series “Republicrats” August 18 and will premiere the second season of dark […]


CNN’s iReport Registers Spike in User Submissions

Last night House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answered questions about Congress, the economy, and marijuana legalization–posed not by journalists and pundits, but by contributors to online communities and The interview is one of the ways CNN is adding the “voice of real people on the ground” to their election coverage, according to Senior […]


Attention “Lonelygirl15” Fans: Jonas and Sarah Return for New Web Series

HOLLYWOOD/NEW YORK —  The creators behind "Lonelygirl15" and the UK-based "KateModern" have produced a new web series based in the LG15 universe, "LG15: The Resistance," set to premiere September 20. It’s been a long journey since the pretended non-fiction debut of "Lonelygirl15" in 2006; the creators have formed social entertainment company EQAL and raised $5 […]


Metacafe Launches Wikipedia-Inspired Feature to Improve Video Search

Short-form video entertainment site Metacafe has a new solution to video search. It has launched a new feature called Wikicafe to let users edit the tags surrounding video content.


Businesses Use “Hives” to Build Niche Communities

HiveLive, a platform for building business-oriented custom social communities, lets users create custom blogs, wikis, and forums with Web 2.0 building blocks called Hives. While a social network like Facebook is geared toward the mass consumer market, HiveLive is carving out a viable niche for itself the enterprise market. The company’s different focus means it […]


College Humor TV Readies Six-Part Series for MTV

College Humor inked a six-episode deal with MTV last month, according to a brief report in MediaPost , and a pilot from the College Humor creators will air this fall. I interviewed CHTV Original Content Director Sam Reich and senior writer Amir Blumenfeld at the College Humor offices last week. We didn’t get any details (on […]


Metacafe Launches Video Editing Tools for User-Generated Mashups

Universal Studios’ ad campaign for the upcoming "Heroes: Season 2" DVD, launched on Metacafe today, brings collaborative commercial mashups to the online video space. Viewers can use Kaltura’s collaborative editing tools on the Metacafe Heroes 2 channel to remix videos and create their own "Heroes moments." This campaign is the first of its kind in […]


Award-Winning Video Blogger Detained in Beijing

Free Tibet 2008 reports today that Brian Conley, creator of citizen journalist video blog Alive in Baghdad, was detained Tuesday in Beijing with friend Jeffrey Rae. Conley’s wife received a text message at 12:30 Beijing time yesterday that said, “In jail. All fine.” Conley and Rae shot and distributed video of a Students for a […]


Model.Live Web Series Debuts on Vogue.TV, Bebo

New 12-episode web series Model.Live, which follows three international models as they strut runways around the world, launches today Vogue.TV and social networking site Bebo. Viewers can leave comments for the models on the Bebo page as well as receive text message updates about their activities throughout the day, making the television experience more interactive.


Blame it On Photoshop: Dartmouth Computer Scientist Finds Fake Photos…Videos are Next

While the technology now exists to identify fake photos on a one-by-one basis, there’s no one-click solution to detect the enormous amount of doctored photos, says Dartmouth Computer Science Professor Hany Farid.


Pre-Roll Online Video Ads Work, Break Media Study Shows

The vast majority of online video viewers are watching pre-roll and overlay ads, a study released today by Break Media and Panache shows. Completion rates for 15-second pre-roll ads were 87 percent, and 77 percent viewed campaigns with overlay ads for at least 15 seconds.


Canadian Video Sharing Site Delivers Video Content to iPhone, Apple TV; “French Maids” Show You How to Share!

Toronto-based video platform mDialog lets users upload, share and watch user-generated and professional content online, on Apple TV, and on iPhones. mDialog launched its authorized  iPhone application in time for the release of the iPhone 3G, and gained attention for being one of the first video sites to do so. (Check out TechChrunch’s early review […]


The Rise of The Video Bloggers: Kaltura Comes to WordPress

Now anyone can turn their blog into an video blog, thanks to the release today of Kaltura’s  Interactive Video Plugin 1.0. Kaltura’s video commenting and collaborative editing features, which will be coming to Wikipedia later this year, now can be easily integrated into WordPress. When asked if the availability of this feature could lead to […]

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