College Humor inked a six-episode deal with MTV last month, according to a brief report in MediaPost , and a pilot from the College Humor creators will air this fall. I interviewed CHTV Original Content Director Sam Reich and senior writer Amir Blumenfeld at the College Humor offices last week.

We didn’t get any details (on the record) about what the MTV shows will be about, but we’ll be sure to blog as soon as they’re announced.

CHTV, owned by Barry Diller’s IAC, publishes both standalone skits called "one-offs" and themed series like Hardly Working, a largely improvised show shot in the College Humor offices. College Humor publishes an average of one original video and nine user-generated videos a day, according to Reich.

Amir does his best to turn our interview into a straight man/funny man routine similar to the one on the web comedy show he co-creates, "Jake and Amir." 

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer

Editor’s Note: This is really funny — great editing job by David.  Our earnest associate producer Kelsey tried to report this story straight. Tough assignment. Amir’s definition of "unique" visitors is really hysterical.  Check it out. AP