NBC Online Olympics Viewing Soars, Nielsen Reports….Beet.TV Gets Olympics Workflow Story from Microsoft

The number of unique visitors to NBC Olympics video site soared to over two million on Monday as viewers tuned into the Games from the workplace, Nielsen announced today. These numbers show that the much-grumbled about time delay of the online coverage hasn’t had a negative effect on online ratings. Not all of the coverage […]


Broadcast Ads Should Drive Consumers Online, Says Organic’s Creative Director

The digital brand experience should be an advertiser’s first thought, not an afterthought, according to Organic digital ad agency Creative Director Gary Nelson. An online brand experience should be viewed as a product unto itself–one that can be advertised by broadcast media. The "Now What?" campaign for State Farm is one of the few already […]


Technology Spending Stays Strong in Weak Economy

Technology spending might not suffer along with the rest of the economy, a new study by The Consumer Electronics Association and CNET shows. The CEA-CNET Consumer Sentiment Indexes, launched today, map consumer sentiment about technology and the broader economy. Many consumers spent their economic stimulus checks on items like computers, televisions and wireless phones, which […]


Mobile Media Technology Company Readies U.S. Entry

Mobile video ads targeted at a user’s demographics and location could soon become a reality. GoldSpot Media has developed technology that can insert targeted ads into mobile broadcast networks in real time.  GoldSpot is already in commercial trials with broadcasters in Europe and Asia, and is currently in talks with broadcasters in the U.S., CEO […]


Demand Media Grows its Niche-Content Empire with New Site

LIVESTRONG.com, Demand Media’s newest venture and a trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, wants to differentiate itself from other health information sites with its variety of high-quality content and the community surrounding that content, Director of Community Lex Friedman says. Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt, the former CEO of MySpace, knows a thing or two […]


Pre-Roll Ads Predominate in Online Video Advertising Mix

Consumers may find pre-roll ads annoying, but they’re still the highest-performing asset and the model favored by large TV advertisers, according to Jayant Kadambi, CEO of video ad network YuMe.    Kadambi says that overlay ads, which are banners at the bottom of the screen, perform-second best and get a good viewer response because they’re […]


“The Fourth Screen”: Coming to a Storefront Near You

Digital advertising agency Avenue A-Razorfish wants to bring brand experiences to the "fourth screen"–a screen beyond the silver screen, TV, and computer. The term "fourth screen" is sometimes used to refer to mobile phones, but Avenue A-Razorfish has envisioned something larger: the storefront window. Consumers will be able to interact with a brand’s website through […]


New Semantic Ad Network Takes on Google AdSense

Peer39, an ad network that processes the meaning of text on web pages and delivers related ads, will help make advertising more relevant to viewers, CEO Amiad Solomon says. Basing ads around keywords on a page, as Google AdSense does, can yield tangential results. A page about a trip to Hawaii that mentions taking photos […]


Going Deep on Video Viewing Metrics: Visible Measures Tracks Audience Engagement

When online video watchers pause, rewind, and play, Internet video measurement firm Visible Measures knows. The company has developed software that can be integrated with video players to measure not just video views, but audience engagement. Once there are standard metrics for online video ads, publishers could "see bigger ad buys coming online," Visible Measures […]


Kaltura Will Bring Collaborative Video to Wikipedia

The open-source TV platform Kaltura will bring to video what Wiki brought to text. Later this year, users will be able to post videos into Wikipedia entries and modify them with Kaltura’s award-winning collaborative editing tools, CEO Ron Yekutiel says. Kaltura’s partnership with the Wikimedia foundation will bring interactive video to Wikipedia’s 207 million unique […]


Exploring the Google Toolbar

Using Google Toolbar to search is commonplace. But fewer people are taking advantage of its sync feature to access their customized toolbar and bookmarks on any computer, Avni Shah, Product Manager for Google Toolbar, says. Shah demonstrates a number of the lesser-known Toolbar features for us. Although features like sync and form AutoFill were announced […]


Home Appliances Will Communicate on Verizon Network

Verizon Wireless wants machine-to-machine devices to run on the company’s open wireless network, according to VP of Open Development Anthony Lewis. Automated homes, where "appliances can talk to each other" on the wireless network and let repairmen know when they need fixing, are "around the corner," he says.


Pay to Play: Online Video Subscriptions on the Horizon, Conde Nast Portfolio’s Blaise Zerega

Believe it: There will be a subscription model for online video.  paidContent’s Joe Weisenthal reports today that TheStreet.com will soon experiment with a subscription model for online video.  Surely more publishers will follow as advertising opportunities are limited and some will pay a subscription price to watch video content.  How to get users to sign […]


Attention Online Video Producers: Clips Have a Short Shelf Life, So Promote Them Fast!

PALO ALTO — Online videos have a short shelf life, getting a quarter of their views within four days of being published, Brett Wilson, CEO of video distribution site TubeMogul, says. Content creators who publish a lot of video will have a better shot at success. He suggests that content creators promote their videos hard […]


No Blinking: Jessica Alba is in Staring Contest with 824 IBeatYou Users

At the two-month-old start-up IBeatYou, "celebrities and average consumers alike" can "roll up their sleeves, get dirty, and have fun competing," cofounder Cash Warren says. Users challenge each other to contests, from "Best 60 second rant" to "Best ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Photo," and vote for the winner based on the video, photo and text […]


Nokia Set to Integrate Navteq Maps into Entire Ovi Network

PALO ALTO–With the closing earlier this month of the $8.1 billion acquisition of Navteq, Nokia is set to fully integrate maps into its new content sharing site Ovi. Ovi allows users to store and share multimedia content.  The mapping element will provide important context for users, says Kamar Shah, head of global head of industry […]


MTV, NBC Integrating TV and Online Viewing

Television networks actually want their viewers to go online, according to Mary Kathleen Flynn, Senior Editor at Tech Confidential. Flynn, a veteran technology reporter who has covered the industry for CNN and MSNBC, describes describes how networks are using the Internet to deepen audience engagement.


TV Week Editor Greg Baumann: Online Video Needs Scale to Compete with Television

PALO ALTO — Creative online video programming is getting funding and proliferating, but its financial success won’t rival television’s until it can reach a much larger audience, TelevisionWeek editor Greg Baumann says. A key breakthrough will come when consumers can watch online video easily in their living rooms.


Adobe Flash Player 10 Features Multi-Bitrate Streaming, Improved Animation

PALO ALTO-Adobe’s Flash Player 10 beta 2, released earlier this month, features multi-bitrate streaming and improved animation capabilities–among other developments made based on user feedback.


YouTube: A Double-Edged Sword for Political Candidates

PALO ALTO–Two years ago, former Virgina Sen. George Allen lost his bid for reelection after a YouTube video of him calling a Democratic volunteer “macaca” became an instant hit. Today, political “gotchya videos” are surfacing on YouTube every few days, and candidates have never had to be more careful about what they say.

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