Argentinian start-up Popego brings together a user’s digital life in one place, CEO Santiago Siri told me after he presented at TechCrunch50 last Tuesday. The site creates interest profiles for users based on their Flickr photos, YouTube videos, blog posts, Twitters, and other digital content to help them find things and people that match their interests.

Users input their social network usernames to help Popego get to know them, and can further filter the content by manually changing their interest profile or requesting to see only certain types of content.

Popego’s presentation went over reasonably well with the judges, but judge and Sequoia Capital venture capitalist Roelof Botha had some doubts. "I like that you’re trying to solve the overload problem, but I worry about distribution and I don’t know how I would see it gaining mass adoption. I’m also suspect about the business model."

To watch the presentation or read more comments from the judges, check out TechCrunch’s coverage here.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer