MARCO ISLAND, FL — In the new age of CTV advertising, targeting is not the only game in town – advertisers increasingly want performance-driven TV ads, too.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ziggy Zografakis, Director, Ad Product Partnerships, Roku, explains how the streaming TV platform is offering ad buyers outcome capabilities.

He says the company is working with retail media operators to leverage consumer data.

A New Frontier for Addressable Advertising

“We’re specifically well situated in the industry and in the space being a leader in CTV to have that relationship and to be able to bring targeting at a much more deterministic level based on those relationships than you find in the industry generally.”

While the term ‘addressable advertising’ often harks back to linear TV’s legacy, Zografakis notes that Roku has moved beyond that nomenclature, focusing instead on the essence of the concept. “All TV advertising will be streamed,” Zografakis asserts.

This evolution is not just about the medium, but the capability to “target specific audiences and make that advertising relevant for those audiences effective and relevant at the right time,” leveraging real information from the user relationship.

Measuring Attention and Performance

As CTV ads light up with digital capabilities, Roku sees CTV in the “early stages of some of those performance oriented measurement components.”

Zografakis explains how Roku caters to varying advertiser goals, from brand awareness to direct response, through strategic partnerships. “We’re doing a lot with retail media… and various measurement companies to prove out the thesis that you can really hit that depending on what your goals are.”

One such partnership with Kroger Precision Marketing is an example of Roku closing the loop on advertising efficacy. “We have access to unique data,” Zografakis says, highlighting the ability to “tie it back together to outcomes” by utilizing Kroger’s vast data repository.

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