MARCO ISLAND, FL – Streaming services have given consumers more control over the television viewing experience, and that engagement is translating into better performance for advertisers. Marketers are gaining the ability to attain broader reach even as their audience targeting improves.

“We’re seeing better targetability from streaming. It’s no longer just an addressable product. It’s a real reach driver,” Mike Law, chief executive of dentsu’s Carat North America, said in this interview at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting. “Our original theory from maybe 10 years ago – start with streaming and add TV after – is a real reality now.”

Streaming relies on the internet for distribution, opening the possibility for greater interactivity and shoppable programming. Marketers can do more than they can with traditional linear television, whose key strength had been broad national reach.

Where will increased CTV media budgets come from in 2024?

“It’s the number one challenge to us in this space is that we don’t just recreate what was the linear TV experience, and have five ad breaks in every episode with two minutes of commercials,” Law said. “There’s better sponsorship opportunities. There’s better opportunities for commerce and shoppability.”

Shoppable television isn’t just about showing an ad. It also includes other considerations such as product inventory, fulfillment, shipping and payments.

“It’s equally what our clients want and also what customers want, which is the ability to act on things that they see very quickly,” Law said. “When that is not a seamless experience, it becomes frustrating, and people move on to whatever’s next on their to-do list or whatever the next product is available.”

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