MARCO ISLAND, FL – Generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers popular apps such as ChatGPT and Dall-E, is being adopted by brands and agencies as part of their efforts to improve the effectiveness of media and marketing strategies.

“What Gen AI does is helps us query performance both from a creative and media perspective at the same time,” Liz Rutgersson, chief executive of Dentsu’s iProspect, said in this interview at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting. The technology “helps us in real time understand in this placement which creative is likely to resonate with the campaign that we’re building and the audience that we’re targeting.”

The targeting can be focused on one-to-connections with consumers, based on their preferences. However, such efforts can limit reach among broader groups of potential customers.

“When we have connection of an identity — one singular identity — in both the creative platform and the media platform, we can talk to individuals one-to-one,” Rutgersson said. “It’s about understanding broad trends and informing our investment across the board.”

The media and marketing industries are grappling with the loss of tracking cookies that have supported digital media efforts since the beginning of the commercialized World Wide Web thirty years ago. Worries about privacy not only have led to stricter laws on data sharing, but also to efforts to create systems of identifiers to improve audience targeting while protect personally identifiable information.

“The move away from the cookie has been happening for so long that I feel our partners are relatively well prepared.” Rutgersson said. “It’s a good challenge because consumer expectation is different…they still want to be targeted and have a great relationship with the brands that they care about.”

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